What We Should Pay Attention to Riding powered electric self balancing scooters

More and more people are keen on riding self-balancing scooters now for it’s convenient to get around in the city. But there’re still some notices we should pay attention to keep safe and comfortable when riding the scooter.

If this one wheel electric scooter is bought for a teenager or kid to ride, direct parental supervision is required. Scooters are meant to be used only in controlled environments free of potential traffic hazards and not on public streets. Do not allow your child to ride a scooter in any areas where vehicle traffic is present. Child must maintain in a hold of the assistant strap at all times until he can grasp the skill to control the scooter. Never allow more than one rider at a time to ride a scooter that can be extremely dangerous.

powered electric self balancing scooter

Never use it near steps, sloped driveways, hills, roadways, alleys or swimming pool areas. If you want to ride it on the road, please choose the bike lanes. So don’t try speed competition with cars since they are not the same species without any comparability. Sometimes maybe you will be curious about the unicycle how fast it can be, and then try to speed competition with car, remember, don’t do that ever. If you run into an accident, the people who care about you will be quite worried.

Though the advertisement says it can be suitable for any weather conditions, you cannot be a naive child to totally believe in it. Don’t ride it on a rainy day. The rain or water can affect the performance of the powered electric self balancing scooter. In order to avoid slipping and falling, you should not use it on a rainy day. Don’t ride it too fast on the road. There may be a car or a cat suddenly out of the road, causing traffic accidents.

electric scooter

Don’t ride the electric scooter on the road after getting drunk. Drunk riding is not helpful to keep balance, and at the same time, it may cause you to speed up unconsciously, which is likely to lead to accidents and injuries.

In summary, keep these notes in mind when riding a scooter for the activity itself is a little dangerous. The suggestions collected by Airwheel allow you to have a smooth and safe ride.

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