Easy Roller Dice Co. to Offer Their Newest Product Line to Gamers and Professionals

Easy Roller Dice Co. now offers their newest product line featuring the Legendary Copper Metal Dice Set. The company specializes in top quality dice and dice bags for gamers, teachers and other professionals. The goal of the company is simple and that is to bring individuals high quality dice sets at reasonable price.  

Due to the increasing demands of dice sets, the company had decided to come up with another legendary dice set to fulfill the unceasing demands of customers for their products. This professional, well-crafted and premium quality dice set is noted for its excellent copper finish. The precision and top quality displayed in this 7-piece dice set makes this product stand out and be considered as one of the most elite dice collections available in the market today.

This 7-piece copper metal dice set also comes with a durable display box as shown in https://easyrollerdice.com/product/our-legendary-copper-metal-dice-set/. This display box also contains removable foam liner which allows individuals to use it as a safe and secured storage box that can also comfortably hold and accommodate three complete sets of polyhedral dice with approximately 21 dice.

Whether individuals use the display configuration or storage configuration, their dice will always be fully protected utilizing the Easy Roller Dice and storage boxes. The box’s interior is properly wrapped with finest and most synthetic velvet while the exterior leatherette offers durable and soft enclosure specially designed to keep the dice protected.

Their Legendary Copper Metal Dice Set is all hand checked to guarantee quality assurance. Every dice is hand checked before packing therefore all customers are assured that they will get premium quality products free from any damage or defect. In an event that customers get damaged products from the company, they will replace them at once with no additional costs on them. The copper dice set exclusively offered by Easy Roller Dice Co. comes with a standard size of 16mm. The product has now become one of the best metal dice set with unique copper finish and heavy weight elite set a well.

About Easy Roller Dice Co.

Easy Roller Dice Co. is a trusted company offering high quality products like dice sets and bags. The dice sets that the company offers are all hand checked and factory first dice unlike many other brands out there. The dice also comes off fresh and uniquely designed from the assembly line. The company guarantees all customers that they will never find chipped or cracked dice from Easy Roller Dice Co.

Their products are backed up with a 30-day money back guarantee and in an instant that customers are not satisfied with their orders, they are free to contact the company within 30 days. Individuals also have the option of shipping the damaged products back to the company and requesting for a refund. Easy Roller Dice Co is a company committed to make all customers ultimately satisfied with their purchases. They also want to earn continued business and have high hopes that many customers will enjoy the best shopping experience.

“We created these copper dice to fill a new for our buyers. They asked for high quality dice that could be displayed on a shelf somewhere, so we gave it to them.”

“These dice are a nickel allow with a heavy copper plating to show off the high quality but keep the cost for our customers down. The display box itself is made of a faux leather material and with velvet across the bottom to prevent the dice from scuffing the floor of the display case. The inserted foam is what allows us to easily sit the dice in the box for shipping and displaying purposes.”

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