New York based artist Ace Lover creates a buzz in 2015

Year 2015 has seen many emerging artists and budding talents in the music industry but there are only few who become successful in leaving a mark with their extra ordinary talent. One such artist is Ace Lover who has won the hearts of many progressive music fans across the globe.

With his ear catching music, Ace Lover ruled the charts and witnessed many achievements throughout the year. The New York based Artist / producer / Pop art painter released the limited collectible 7” record named “Amazing Brains” that sold out at most of the retailers in the USA. The record went on to selling with a price as high as $75 and yet it soon sold out to the fans. The single track “Amazing Brains” ruled the charts by reaching #8 on the ‘top 40 hip hop Record Breakers chart’.

Despite being hundreds of popular artists already prevalent in the music industry and thousands of new comers trying their hands in the industry with their single tracks, Ace Lover managed to find a place in the hearts of people with his single track launched in 2015. He debuted as a teenager and even then he made a splash with his single track. At the age of 17, Ace Lover was discovered by Phil Rust, an indie record executive producer at a music venue in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Ace Lover released his EP named “Love me” in the previous year. The Limited Edition 7” Vinyl consisted of 4 songs, including the popular track “Amazing Brains” and “This Is The Way You Met Me.”  The record was pressed on classic black vinyl, printed with the artwork inspired from 50’s and 60’s music. The album became the favorite of many collectors around the globe due to its unique design and music.

Ace Lover released the EP “Love Me” in April 2015 after his single track wooed the music lovers since the time of its release in April 2015. The whole EP was produced and arranged by the artist for a limited  edition vinyl.

He took the city of New York by storm years ago with his popular 12 inch records such as “Lucky 7” & “Weed Spots”.  His group named ‘2 for 5’ went on to release some more memorable tracks such as “Playin’ The Strip” & “Whats Ya Naim?”, which made Ace Lover the progressive music listeners favorite. He was listed as “the Next 100” by URB magazine and his group ‘2 for 5’ was awarded as the “best album of the year”

After releasing several comical hinted tracks as a teenager, his latest EP “Love Me” seemed more mature, although his sense of humor still pertains in some parts of the track.

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Country: United States