The new app Koala phone makes it easier for the elderly to use smart phones

The newly launched mobile application, Koala Phone makes it possible for the elderly to use Android phones more conveniently. The app has been designed considering the problem faced by elderly and the people who wear spectacles in using their smartphones.

The app provides easier calling and messaging options to the user. By using the mobile app, the user will be able to view a large landscape keyboard, specially designed apps such as the camera, gallery and the alarm option. It will eliminate the troubles of the user in using or typing through small keyboard that is generally available on the smart phones.

Smart phones have surely become a rage over the years and even the elderly are not untouched by it but often, they are not well versed with using the smart phones and face difficulty. By using the Koala phone app, the user will be able to make calls easily as well as type messages with more convenience. Moreover, the app is available in 30 languages including Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, English and many others, making it suitable for usersacross the world.

With Koala phone, the user will not need their glasses anymore to use their smartphone. The bigger and readable text size will eliminate the problem of typing wrong messages. Many apps of the phone such as camera, gallery, flashlight etc. can be run directly from the Koala phone app itself.

The app will also allow the user to see bigger picture of their photo contacts and type the number on a larger dialer. The app will feature the messaging option like the old mobile phones and a PC keyboard. The user can also dictate the SMS with their voice making it easier for those who face difficulty in typing.

The Koala app can also be personalized by choosing any of the seven color skins available or choosing a background image from the phone gallery. The size of the text can also be increased according to the user preference and contrast can be adjusted for a comfortable view.

The app will read out the text loud, if the user places their finger at any text. The SOS and the GPS function will enable the user to be in touch with their families.

Koala phone is developed in a studio based in Czech Republic and it soon received the social impact award 2014 organized by Impact Hub Prague.

The app, currently available on Google Play has seen more than 30k installs and a rating of 4.3. The users can download the seven day trial version for free and purchase the app for $4.99 USD.

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Company Name: Koala Phone
Contact Person: Tomas Slavicek
Phone: +420 732578827
Country: Czech Republic