Renowned Prison Consultant Rains Accolades on Alicia Keys for Speaking Against Mass Incarceration in the U.S.

Prison consulting expert clamors for more celebrities and high ranking support for a noble cause​

NEW YORK – Jan 04, 2016 – Every now and then, celebrities visit Washington to join advocates, in favor of a cause – often raising the profile of an issue by giving more weight to an otherwise routine press conference or committee hearing.

Recent in this line of action, is singer-songwriter, Alicia Keys delivering an impassioned plea to staffers on Capitol Hill, where Congress is weighing landmark legislation to reform the criminal justice system. Her generous support and activism, did meet the nod of industry experts and activists.

Renowned Prison Consultant, John Doc Fuller expresses his intense delight in Keys’ gesture. Alicia Keys in her address strongly condemned the treatment of 15 year olds as adults, making them face judgments that literarily almost ruin their entire lives. This John Fuller affirmed is outright injustice.

With many public achievements in the Prison consultancy industry, John Doc Fuller, expressed his dissatisfaction with the mass incarceration in the U.S, and commended the star singer-songwriter for adding her voice and celebrity status to weigh heavily for good on a just cause.

John Fuller recently championed the cause of Gary Meyer in New Jersey, regarding expunging of his criminal records, on that, Fuller noted the bias in the law and the disadvantaged life it brings to those once caught that are now free.

“There is a fundamental bias in laws across the United States regarding expunging of records. For example, at home in New Jersey, Governor Christie has done little to assist those who have been convicted decades ago. But we also have to look beyond Gary’s isolated case; our draconian laws impact people of all races who have not had any further arrests for decades, whose original crimes were not violent and who have done more for their community since their release from prison than most non-felons could do in their lifetime. It’s time things changed.”

Having been locked up behind bars himself, John Fuller knows the harsh reality of the prison system and the biasness of the law of the United States of America, he therefore commends Alicia Keys for her action and urges other public figures and celebrities to follow suit and make their position in the society count towards a noble cause, as more pressure from high profile individuals will weigh heavily on congress towards bring about desired changes in laws that impact first time and nonviolent offenders.

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With stints behind bars, spanning 11 years of his life, and the harsh realities he faced after gaining freedom, JOHN FULLER has seen The Poor, The Bad, and The Ugly of the American criminal Justice system. Armed with his personal experience, he turned things around and decided to use his powers for good. He now provides many unique life-saving services for first-time inmates, who are often terrified at what they are about to face “on the inside”, and he’s stuck to it professionally since 2004. John also consults with criminal attorneys representing celebrities, politicians, white collar criminals, and other high profile detainees.

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