Where intelligent walk car Airwheel Scooter Can be Applied?

Although there are some shortcomings of two-wheel electric scooters, it has some advantages in contrast with electric unicycles. Actually it can be applied to a lot of fields due to its particularity.

Two-wheel self-balancing scooter has its own particularity, because its size is bigger than the unicycles, and smaller than the cars. For the distance it can reach is limited, so we seldom see two-wheeled self-balancing scooter as long-distance transportation. It’s used in some specific occasions.

intelligent walk car

Recreation center and Outdoor

Self-balancing two-wheeled electric scooter is developed based on the unicycles. The stability is absolutely greatly improved. It never makes riders fall down or throw the rider out of the vehicle. Due to its easy-to-use operation model and good balance, intelligent walk car a brand new transportation without the need to step on accelerator, or to apply brakes just use body weight to control the direction. It’s easy to learn and control so that it’s very suitable for recreation and outdoor activities such as golf, hockey and so on.

Tourist Spots, Theme Parks or Restaurants

In tourist sites, the scenic region is usually large and viewing scenery by walking is too tiring and time-consuming. Thus two-wheel scooter is a new weapon to tourism industry. It shortens the visiting time for tour guides and tourists to reduce energy consumption. The tourists can take part in other activities in the park or in the tourist sites. Attract more people to come to visit and increase the local income. 

self-balancing scooter

The Army, Police, Security Guard Patrol

Since self-balancing scooter with two wheels is a transportation for the short distance, smart, environmental yet energy conservation, so it’s widely used in some special sections including the army, police, security guard patrol. In that way, it can enhance the working efficiency for them and make the working performance well.

Marketing Campaign & Advertising

Two-wheeled scooter with its special appearance makes it much easier to draw people’s attention in the marketing campaign. It’s better to achieve the effect of marketing.

With the rapid development of technology, this two-wheeled self-balancing scooter will be used in more fields because it can provide more convenience for people. In the future, maybe more two-wheeled scooters will roll on the street not only in some special sections.

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