Eliminating Alcohol Can Boost Overall Health and Wellbeing, Says Chapters Capistrano

Giving up alcohol can have a vast array of health benefits that exceed potential benefits of limited consumption, notes Chapters Capistrano.

As 2016 kicks off, people across the country are making the choice to put their health first and participate in a tradition known as “Dry January.” While Dry January focuses on abstaining from drinking for a month, some people make it a more permanent lifestyle change once they realize the benefits. Malibu-area drug and alcohol rehab center Chapters Capistrano has released a statement to the press regarding the health benefits of giving up alcohol.

“If you can quit drinking for month, it’s a great segue into establishing a substance-free lifestyle,” says Susie Shea, co-owner of Chapters Capistrano. “When you stop drinking, it can make you realize how much you had been consuming and the negative impact it had on your life and health. It can really put things into perspective and be a wake-up call.”

Researchers from University College London found that those who stop drinking experience improved sleep and concentration as well as weight loss, according to Hull Daily Mail. What starts out as short-term benefits can have a longer lasting impact.

The study found that after a month without drinking “liver stiffness (an indication of damage and scarring) had been reduced by 12.5 percent” and “insulin resistance (a measurement of diabetes risk) had come down by 28 percent.” In addition, fatty liver disease was reduced as well.

Professor Kevin Moore, principal investigator of the study, noted, “This is an illustration of just how bad alcohol can be. It’s not saying that if you take a month off you can binge for the rest of the year, it’s saying this is how much healthier you are if you stop drinking.”

“Cutting out drinking impacts multiple aspects of your life,” says Shea. “Your body begins healing inside and out. In time you’ll notice that you have more energy, you’re sleeping better, your thinking is clearer, you’re saving money, and you’re able to focus on making the most of your future instead of being drawn into a lifestyle of drinking.”

Once the body adjusts to being alcohol-free, it can be easier to stay that way. However, recovery from alcoholism requires changes in the person’s thought processes and behaviors as well, so it goes deeper than just quitting drinking. Other changes are necessary for sustained results.

“If you’re trying to quit and having trouble doing so on your own, it can be a sign that professional help is needed,” says Shea. “A drug and alcohol treatment program can empower you to make healthier decisions and recognize triggers and challenges that contribute to your drinking. Chapters Capistrano offers customized treatment plans that address your individual needs and can allow you to start 2016 out on the right foot.”


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