Blockade Medical Brings Innovative and Cost Effective Solutions to the Treatment of Cerebral Aneurysms

Worldwide Business with kathy ireland presents an exclusive interview with Co-founder of Blockade Medical, Dave Ferrera.
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Los Angeles, CA – January 5, 2015 – Blockade Medical is committed to bringing next generation solutions to the interventional neurovascular market. Co-founder, Dave Ferrera explains his company’s dedication to innovation and excellence within the field and talks about Blockade Medical’s current and future products.

Their current product, the BarricadeTM Coil System is designed to treat cerebral brain aneurysms. The coils are inserted into the patient via a catheter from the femoral artery and are navigated to the neurovascular anatomy. The coils are deployed inside the aneurysm and are designed to fill the aneurysm and prevent blood flow.  The Barricade Coil System is unique from other similar products on the market as it provides physicians with a very high quality product and is a cost effective solution.

Blockade Medical has been commercializing the Barricade Coil System for over 3 years after obtaining CE Mark in 2012, only 9 months after the company was founded. Mr. Ferrera attributes his company’s rapid global growth to the neurovascular expertise that his employees bring to the table – a combined 65-years’ worth. Blockade Medical currently sells products in 37 countries worldwide and Mr. Ferrera is confident that number will increase in the near future.

Vice President of Programming, J.L. Haber, is quick to give credit where it’s due. “I enjoy hearing about the innovators who are out there.” Haber states, “But the solutions developed by Dave Ferrera and Blockade Medical go beyond the limits of mere innovation. Their products and solutions help save lives every day and we’re honored to feature them on this segment of Worldwide Business with kathy ireland.”

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