Hebei Metal Mesh Announces to Supply Stainless Steel Rope Mesh in Custom Sizes for Zoo Projects & Sports Perimeter Fencing

They supply stainless steel zoo mesh, bird netting and sport fencing, available in large sizes and with different specifications to meet the fencing requirements of various projects.

Made from the real stainless steel and not using any toxic material, Hebei Metal Mesh provides steel mesh and bird netting products that are environment friendly and are available in beautiful appearances. With an excellent flexibility and higher breaking strength, the stainless steel rope mesh is available in custom sizes to meet the various large size project fencing requirements, including fencing for zoos, biological parks, amusement parks, and sporting arenas.

The spokesperson of the company reveals that customizes sheet size is available for the zoo mesh, with over 15% discounts and fast shipping. They have hand woven mesh with 25 meter width and 8 meter height that is free from rust and other contaminants to offer a super environmental protection. The hand woven mesh is available with custom mesh fence panels that are durable, lightweight and exhibit a very high impact resistance. The mesh is perfect for animals to keep in a safe enclosure.

Hebei Metal Mesh offers high strength stainless steel mesh for bird netting that can widely be used in bird parks. They have a wide range of bird caging or netting for keeping various birds, such as parrot, ostrich and flamingo. According to the spokesperson, the hand woven bird caging can be ideal for a wide range of small or big birds. Available in attractive designs, these bird nettings are available in extra large sizes for an expansive bird sanctuary project. The nettings are easy to install with their flexible mesh panels.

sports perimeter netting

The company announces to offer sports perimeter netting for stadium fencing that can be customized according to the requirements and design of the area to be covered. In large sizes and without any joints, these fencing products come with the elastic mesh capability for their easy installation and long lasting use. The netting is produced using a unique twist plait process and which offers superb protection against rusting, acid and environmental elements.

Customers can choose stainless steel mesh from different custom sizes and can place an order on the website http://www.hebmetalmesh.com

About Hebei Metal Mesh Ltd

Hebei Metal Mesh supplies various specification flexible stainless steel rope mesh for applications in many fields, such as zoo animal cages, zoo animal enclosure, zoo bird netting, zoo aviary mesh for tigers, for leopards, for lions, for monkeys, for deer, for various kind of birds, parrots, eagles and so on.

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