Hoverboards Fires Linked To Bad Manufacturing Process

The hot gift this Christmas season is a hoverboard, the two wheeled electronic scooters. But they have been catching fire. The boards and the danger result from a new kind of manufacturing process on the rise in some Asian countries.

The hoverboards can be really a hot hit, as well as a great leap in the intelligent transportation in this year. However, a hot new toy is a hot mess for several fires and explosions cause by the new gadgets, hoverboards—those hands-free two-wheeled motorized scooters. Here, this sort of hoverboards causing fire is flying off shelves, namely without handlebars or seats. They are quite different from Airwheel two-wheeled electric scooters with handlebars or seats which may be much safer than the hoverboards. The below thing is about a fire incident of Mark Anton’s board.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/FnM8gb8JWwM

A few weeks ago, Mark was riding his hoverboard in his dorm hallway, showing off to his friends. Then something seemed off about the board—it wasn’t rolling as soomthly as usual, and he kept falling off. And then it would just be like beep,beep. Next all ist lights came on. At last, it just stopped, shut down and smoke came out. Then it burst into flames kind of like boop. He oulled the fire alarm. The whole dorm had to evacuate. Luckily, no one was hurt, but now he’s that guy whose hoverboard almost burned down the building.

The reason the hoverboard catches fire has to do with the way they’ve made. Most of the unsafe boards come from superefficient manufacturing networks in East Asian countries. There factories are good at making stuff fast nut not always carefully. They churn out a great number of unbranded electric scooters. Those factories are not in the business of creating long-term relationships with consumers. They’re in the business of spinning up fast new products to meet new consumer demands.

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To be honest, when it comes to electric scooters the first thought that hopped into the consumer’s head is: Will it explode? In order to prevent the new industry fall into the downhill, Airwheel sets a good example. It holds its own brand, and supervises the whole manufacturing process in its own factory. Each step or link is got through repeated testing and inspections. It’s a brand consumers can trust.

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