Genie Gateway Gives the Gift of Information to Stockholders and Investors

LAS VEGAS, NV – 1/6/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Genie Gateway a U.S. registered company trading on the U.S. OTC stock market (OTC: GGWY), announced today that it has launched a new website specifically geared toward stockholders, investors and the financial community.

Reflecting the company’s recently adopted OTC trading symbol, GGWYhttp://www.GGWY.Info is now the new destination for stockholders, investors and others wanting to know about Genie Gateway. In addition, two direct links have been added for easy access to the company’s Press Room:

  1. Press Room: http://GGWY.Info/Press_Room.php
  2. Company News: http://GGWY.Info/Company_News.php

“We already had a strong web presence geared toward the business and individual consumers of our products and services,” said Thomas E. Skala, Genie Gateway CEO.  “But investors are looking for a very different view of a company.  Now, with this new website, under our new, more fitting stock symbol, Genie Gateway is giving our stockholders and the investor community a clear picture of our plans, goals, methods and results.

Mark Newgreen, Genie Gateway’s CFO continued, “At the GGWY ‘info’ site, investors will find everything they want to know about:

  • the vision driving us into the future
  • the management team guiding us there
  • our line of products and services that is making that vision a reality
  • and (most importantly) the wide-open opportunity this unlocks for investors

“Anyone who wants to know where our business will be tomorrow should come visit us at http://www.GGWY.Info today,” Skala added.

About the Genie Gateway – www.GGWY.Info  

Genie Gateway (OTC: GGWY) – holds the Key to Unlocking a Wide-Open Opportunity by using its patented technology to create a unique environment where customers can communicate and send and receive payments, globally, in real-time through Telecommunications, eCommerce, Cable TV, and High Speed Internet, integrated on one platform into One Unified Solution.
Genie Gateway focuses on the “low hanging fruit” of un-banked and underserved businesses and consumers who want a fully rounded presence on the internet and by phone, without the cost and complexity of the build-it-yourself approach by consolidating merchant services, Telecommunications, Cable TV and High Speed Internet providers, Genie Gateway’s forward-looking platform blends the products and services needed to operate a business – traditionally purchased from several vendors – into one seamless service.  

Genie Gateway is U.S. registered company, trading on the U.S. OTC stock market under the symbol GGWY and filing regular reports with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Genie Gateway has two operating subsidiaries, Summit Digital Inc., and Genie Gateway:

· Summit Digital Inc., is a Multi-System Operator providing Cable TV, High Speed Internet, and related services, targeting rural communities as a specific high-growth market within the Cable Television and high speed internet industry.

· Genie Gateway is a forward-looking unified communications and payment processing platform, blending the products and services needed to operate a business, traditionally purchased from several vendors, into one seamless service.


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