Amazon Launches The FlingyFingy Ergonomic Crochet Set With A Discounted Price

Crochet Tool Kit: FlingyFingy Complete Ergonomic Prime Quality Soft-Grip Hooks for Comfort Crocheting, Safety Scissors, Durable Velcro-Fastened Organizer Secure Contents, Magnifier Bonus Gift

Amazon, the largest online shopping network has added a new Arts, Crafts & Sewing product to their shopping platform. The new product is the FlingyFingy Ergonomic Crochet Set, which has been launched with a celebratory discounted price of $22.95. The product is being sold by CaJaSell and since its launch has received positive reviews.

The Crochet Tool Kit, which has received five-star reviews from consumers on Amazon and positive reviews from professional reviewers, stands out from other crochet tool sets. The FlingyFingy Ergonomic Crochet Set includes a small magnifier for reading the fine print in patterns, which can often be difficult to distinguish. It also provides the user with a set of tools that makes it easier to crochet by providing better grips that are ideal for older hands. It was designed to make the art of crochet more enjoyable and offers the perfect tool kit for beginners or advanced users.

To celebrate the success of the FlingyFingy Ergonomic Crochet Set on Amazon, it has been made available with a limited discounted price. However, a spokesman for FlingyFingy has explained once the discounted price has finished; it will go back to its normal price of $36.99

The Spokesman added: “We wanted to design a Crochet set that provides people with all the tools they needed. With all the research we did, we found one of the biggest complaints with existing kits was the grips on the tools. So, we decided to solve that problem and come up with a design that would give people soft ergonomic grips that would result in less strain.”

Product Description

•    LESS STRAIN, LESS PAIN GRIPS: Crochet for longer without pain with these soft ergonomic grips. Gentle on the hand, they outperform traditional hooks every time

•    TOP QUALITY HOOK SET: Super-smooth aluminum hooks ensure yarn glides freely without snagging. Conveniently color-coded to instantly identify hook sizes – ranging from 2mm-6mm

•    ALL IN ONE CROCHET KIT: Neatly packed inside are ‘must have’ accessories every beginner or expert crocheter needs: 9 soft-touch hooks, 1 darning needle, 1 row counter, 5 row markers, 1 stitch holder, tape measure, scissors. No jammed zippers, thanks to Velcro.

•    SAFETY SCISSORS: Can’t find scissors when you need them? Sensibly secured in this custom-designed set is a high-quality pair complete with safety cap

•    FREE GIFT MAGNIFIER: Included for free to help you effortlessly read fine print patterns. An invaluable accessory to ease eye strain…

The FlingyFingy Ergonomic Crochet Set has become one of the most popular Crochet sets on Amazon and continues to receive five star reviews, including a review from PatM

She said: “I don’t crochet but I bought this Crochet Set for a good friend who does and she was thrilled. It has every hook you might need plus a variety of small tools that she uses every day while she works. The kit comes in an attractive fold up bag, which makes it easy to manage and keep the tools in place. The different hooks are color coded so you can also be sure you are using the right instrument. My friend suffers from arthritis in her hands and told me the extra wide handles on these crochet hooks are easy to use. She can now crochet without pain.”

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About The FlingyFingy Ergonomic Crochet Set

The FlingyFingy Ergonomic Crochet Set provides beginners and professionals with a quality tool kit. With new technology and a clever design, the kit makes it more enjoyable and easier to crochet.

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