Dr. Daryl Green Launches Book Job Strategies for the 21st Century That Helps Students Gain Employment

Author Provides New Job Strategies for New College Grads. The book offers practical advice to reduce the long unemployment student’s face when leaving college or university. High unemployment makes finding a job for a college grad challenging. 86 percent of students fail to land gainful employment when they leave education. Dr. Daryl Green intends to help students have a brighter future, and his book is already working for many.

President Obama has been a strong believer that education is a vital investment in the nation’s economic. However, the future does not look bright for students who don’t have the skill or knowledge to compete against all sectors of the population to gain employment. Just 14 percent of students in 2015 have gained full-time employment, which means 86 percent are struggling to find work and deal with the average debt of $28,950. Dr. Daryl Green has written a new book that provides students with tried and tested strategies improve the percentage of students who gain employment.

Dr. Daryl Green may not be able to improve the education system and the economic problems that generate high unemployment, but he can and has used his experience and knowledge to give students important tools to improve their job prospects. His new book Job Strategies for the 21st Century is already helping students to gain employment, and Dr. Daryl Green believes his book will help reduce the percentage of students who leave education with no employment.

The world has changed, and that includes the way people find and gain employment. Dr. Daryl Green offers practical advice to job seekers including recent college graduates. His book, Job Strategies for the 21st Century: How to Assist Today’s College Students during Economic Turbulence, provides practical solutions to the challenges today’s college students face as they struggle to find employment in an unstable economy. 

In Job Strategies for the 21st Century, Dr. Green and his co-author William Bailey share some compelling observations. They say rising unemployment, vanishing pensions, and other economic woes are causing many students to lose hope in finding a good job for the future. They also maintain that parents may be hurting their college student’s chances of securing a job. “I think we have not adequately prepared this generation for economic downturns,” Green explains. “Many parents have done everything for their children. Now, these same parents expect their children to be able to handle rejection [from employers], rebound and launch forward to that ideal job. It does not happen that easily.”

With of all of the economic pressures, a person seeking a job in today’s business world must do what businesses have done for years and brand themselves in a way that makes them attractive to potential employers.

Dr. Green said, “This will help to bridge the growing gap between what organizations are looking for and what potential employees have to offer.”

Strategies job seekers need in order to accomplish this in 2016 are:

•    Mental toughness for the difficult employment forecast both current and future.

•    Development of a personal brand with an online professionalism that includes LinkedIn, article publications and other critical online networks

•    Willingness to volunteer services to leverage other knowledge opportunities and gain vital job experience, making an individual more valuable to a future employer.

•    Gain new skills and abilities through education and certification, which will separate the individual for other job applicants.

•    Practice positive self-affirmations about own skills and abilities

•    Build a profession network to help identify job opportunities

•    Seek out, accept and utilize critical advice and mentorship

•    Ask probing questions that lead to creative solutions

•    Surround yourself with a network of positive, successful people.

Through Job Strategies for the 21st Century, Dr. Green has presented their in-the-trenches experience and innovative concepts in a format that readers will find very interesting and easy to read. The author shares his insights in a realistic, optimistic manner.

In the book, he writes: “Today’s job market demands that students develop their own personal strategy for employment. From our experience acting as student advocates in academic and community settings, we frequently find ourselves encouraging students to plan for their career aspirations. This book provides some less traditional steps for effectively positioning current college students to better compete in future job markets.”

Dr. Green’s advice comes at a time when millions of Americans are unemployed and more U.S. companies are trending toward hiring temporary workers, intensifying the competition for jobs. College graduates, in particular, are having a tougher time securing suitable employment because they often lack sufficient work experience. However, Job Strategies for the 21st Century offers a very timely solution.

Job Strategies for the 21st Century is available online at Amazon.com (http://www.amazon.com/Job-Strategies-21st-Century-Turbulence/dp/1453686266/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1284152018&sr=8-1) and other book retailers. To view the book trailer on Youtube.com, please visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_LKEMrIweA.

For more information about the book or the authors, please contact Dr. Green at 865-719-7239. Dr. Green is available for media interviews on the issues of job strategies during economic turbulence. 

About the Author

Dr. Daryl Green is a nationally-recognized author who has been noted and quoted in major media outlets, including USA Today, Associated Press, Ebony and BET. He is an adjunct professor at Lincoln Memorial University and a former faculty member at Knoxville College. Green has spent more than 20 years assisting organizations and individuals with making good decisions.  Dr. Green has helped thousands of people through his lectures, seminars, and columns. The author has created a number of articles, presented at numerous university campuses, interviewed students and shared their insights on job strategies. Through his research and practical application, Dr. Green has found a huge disconnect between what organizations want in potential employees and what today’s graduates are providing. His expertise provides a solid foundation for their new book, Job Strategies for the 21st Century: How to Assist Today’s College Students during Economic Turbulence.



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