Scorpio: Teaching Rock Climbing To Kids From Bosnia And Herzegovina

Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina – The Extreme Sports Club Scorpio has launched on Indiegogo an initiative to teach rock climbing to kids. It is expanding its climbing wall. The climbing wall is located at its educational centre, in the middle of the nature. This climbing wall is the result of the work of a visionary mountaineer and climbing instructor from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This is the story of Edin Durmo and of the Club Scorpio from Zenica in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Through the love for nature and rock climbing they are set to redeem the youth of Zenica. Their intention is to teach kids the values of sport and nature: for this purpose they are completing a climbing wall for kids and they need help.

Edin is a professional mountaineer and climbing instructor. In the difficult post conflict reality of Bosnia and Herzegovina, his love for mountains and nature made of him one of the most competent climbing and skiing guides the country. He is the founder and main instructor of his club and he is assisted by numerous instructors and friends, from Bosnia and abroad.

His hometown is Zenica, an industrial city, with a huge steel plant. Edin is attached to his hometown, he never wanted to leave it. Nevertheless he feels sorry about the destitute condition of the town. The post-conflict situation, poverty and a serious pollution are making the life of Zenica’s inhabitants more and more difficult.

Edin is aware of this. In the last ten years, he has created his educational and sports center. The center is located on the green hills, 400 meters above Zenica, away from the fog and pollution. This center is used to teach kids the love for nature through numerous activities like hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, skiing…  The most distinctive feature of the centre is its Adrenaline Tower. This is a 12 meter high climbing tower. It has more than  300 square meters of climbing surface. It features anchors for abseiling, a 50 meter zip line and it is connected with a small tree adventure park.

After years of self financing, time has come for some major expansion of the tower. Although an old style mountaineer, Edin is aware of the power of social media, even for rock climbing. He decided to launch a crowd funding initiative on Indiegogo, with the purpose of sharing with a wider circle his love for climbing and commitment to nature.

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