Announces Competitive Prices for their Refractometers Brought Directly from the Factory

A wide range of Refractometers, including Brix Refractometer, Salinity Refractometer and Gem Refractometer, is now available at competitive prices on, as they procure Refractometers directly from the factory.

Refractometers are used for various purposes, from checking the sugar concentration in honey, juice and other beverages to checking salinity of the salt water and brine. There are also Refractometers that have wide applications in the gem and jewel industry and are used to check the quality of the gemstones. brings a wide range of Refractometers at competitive prices that include Brix Refractometers, Salinity Refractometers, Alcohol Refractometers, and Gem Refractometers. They procure high quality Refractometers directly from the factory, ensuring reasonable prices for their customers.

Brix Refractometer

According to the spokesperson of, they supply lightweight and high quality Refractometers with solid aluminum construction that come with the quality assurance from the factory. The Brix Refractometer they have in stock could be used to check the sweetness of the sugar related liquids and beverages. It allows maintaining the precise sugar concentration in a liquid and is a much-needed tool for the food and beverage industry. The full range of Brix Refractometers is available for checking the product quality from processing and packaging process of beverages.

They also have the Salinity Refractometer that has its important application in the clinical laboratories. The Refractometer can be used to check the saline levels of brine or salt water. It can give the precise amount of NaCl Molecules dissolved in a particular quantity of water and can be very useful for research and the marine industry. The Refractometer comes equipped with the ACT that can automatically balance the temperature related irregularities for its correct measurements. boasts of its Gem Refractometer, RHG-181, which is often considered the most reliable tool to authenticate the quality of the precious or semi-precious stones. It can also be used to observe the optical properties of a gemstone and analyze its physical structure. The Refractometer allows measuring the Refractive Index, transparency, opacity and other important aspects to help determine the quality and value of polished gemstones.

According to the spokesperson, all Refractometers are easy to use and come with a user manual. One can check the complete range of Refractometers available with them on their website

About, established in 2005 and based in Xiamen, Fujian, China, is a professional optical equipment design and manufacturing company with a global client base. The staff and majority shareholders have been involved in technology development and manufacturing in the refractometry field since 1994. They supply all kinds of Refractometers and ship and deliver all products carefully across the world.

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