Why Could Airwheel Sitting-posture 2 wheel electric scooter Become the Future of the City Vehicles?

Airwheel has aimed to reinvent city vehicles for offering consumers better performances and experiences. So why could Airwheel intelligent scooters become the future of city vehicles?

There are so many types of vehicles in daily city travels. People have many choices when they decide to go to somewhere. But Airwheel still insists on providing consumers with revolutionary products which can be future city vehicles. Now Airwheel has successfully brought people many classic models of intelligent scooters. It’s no doubt that Airwheel intelligent scooters are still city vehicles. But why could they be the future city vehicles for people?

Airwheel intelligent scooters

Airwheel products are more suitable to future cities. There will be more metropolis and more city residents in the future. People need the vehicles which are convenient and powerful. Obviously private cars don’t match these demands. Airwheel has found the way of providing people with such vehicles – to develop electric vehicles with intelligent functions. Compared with fossil fuel engines and vehicles units, electricity powered vehicle units are much smaller and more efficient. Airwheel S6 electric scooters are the newest model in Airwheel family. The vehicle body of S6 electric scooter is no larger than ordinary wheels. Yet, S6 is able to bear 100 kg burden at the speed of 18 km/h. Also because of the flexibility of sizes, Airwheel can design different structures for its  consumers. Together with the intelligent operating system, Airwheel intelligent scooters, like S6 electric scooters and M3 electric skateboards, can be rode without hands. People are free to deal with other affairs while riding.

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Only novel ideas don’t make Airwheel and its products the leaders of the whole vehicle industry. Airwheel strictly follow all the industry standards set by governments and quality departments like ISO9001. Also Airwheel has developed a series of quality control procedures to make sure that all Airwheel products are stable, safe and durable. Recently there is some news about the explosions of electric hoverboards. The electric scooter industry needs enterprises like Airwheel who will lead the whole industry to a more reasonable and healthier one.

The intelligence technologies are also the key points for the successes of Airwheel intelligent scooters. Welcome to visit Airwheel in CES 2016 to experience the fascination of intelligence technologies in Airwheel family.

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