USA is ranked only 24th Best Country in The World To Live

United States of America or USA, the land of opportunities. Since a very long time America is known as Land of Opportunities because of many people who come to this nation with a dream of better life and they succeed. USA was founded on the ground of equal opportunity to anyone who comes here. People come to USA for a better future which America promises to them.

According to a reputed Online Magazine “Lifestyle9”, USA is 24th in “World’s Top 30 Best Countries To Live In”. The magazine has been releasing the list since five years. In their latest list USA was ranked only 24th in Top 30 nations. Countries like Slovenia and UAE are also on better rank than USA. USA got many great things like “Freedom of Speech” where who can criticize any politician and Public server and it is one of the things that make America great. America is highly diverse may be the most diverse country in the world and its Racial and Cultural mix give it a great blend that no other country can offer.

The infrastructure of the country is also great with many skyscrapers touching the sky of America. Entertainment in the country is also one thing that keeps people happy. USA is one of the biggest economies in the world. They have hard rules on environment and that is making the country more livable.

But that is not enough to be on Top Position in Lifestyle9’s list. Factors like poverty and homelessness are holding America back. In developed countries, USA tops the list in number of homeless people. The poverty rate in America is also very high compared to all developed nations with 14.5% in 2013 whereas Taiwan just has 1.16% people living under poverty line. One more thing which made America stay on 24th number is its “Income Inequality”. According to Gini Coefficient USA is fourth worst in the world in income ineqiality. USA is also 27th when it comes to median wealth per adult. All the developed countries rank before America.

The most important point that keeps USA low in rank is Crime rate. Crime rate in USA is continuously increasing from past decade. With increase in poverty the crime rate has also increased. According to many surveys, USA’s present crime rate is equal to 1960’s, when America was notoriously famous for its mafia. In homicide rate (per hundred thousand) America leads with 4.5, in compare to 0.9 in Italy, 0.9 in Germany, 0.5 in Norway and 1.0 in UK. In world happy index USA is behind Costa Rica and its Neighbor Mexico.

These all factors are keeping USA on 24th spot in Lifstyle9’s “World’s Top 30 Best Countries To Live In” list.


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