Mettano Designs is excited to announce a new color for the Stick With It® palette

Jan 06, 2016 – By customer request, the palette now comes in Sea Glass Teal to go along with the original color Stone.

In addition to the new color Sea Glass, Mettano Designs has redesigned the logo to a stacked, contemporary look. The logo is now smaller, more discrete, located on the lower right corner of the lid.  The website has also been updated to help customers easily navigate throughout the various tutorials, testimonials, and new uses for arts and crafts.

As the palette has proven its versatility, the product can be used not only by make-up artists, but also crafters and hobbyists.  Inside the Stick With It® palette, is an adhesive-like surface, Clingfinity®. It is double-sided and can be used for storage or as a surface to hold project items steady. It makes beading and working with tiny materials less messy and offers a working surface with more control and organization. 

Clingfinity® holds plastic, metals, wood and so much more. It does not wear off and is easy to clean so that your working surface is good as new every time you use it.  The adhesive-like surface is non-toxic and leaves no sticky residue.  Use this durable impact-resistant case to carry and protect all of your small project items. 

The design of the Stick With It® palette is sleek and compact, measuring 7.125″ x 3.75″ x 0.625″.  The hinge allows the palette to open flat for easy access of project items.  The palette is perfect for travel and use on-the-go. The lightweight design is also environmentally friendly as it can be completely recycled when discarded.

To use the Stick With It® palette, simply peel off the protective plastic film from each side and set the film aside for later use.  Set your items where you want on the Clingfinity® surface and gently press each item to secure. Items that cling best are dry, smooth, and clean (free of dust and oils).  Textured items may not fully grip to the surface. Before closing the case, use the plastic film as a divider. Place it on top of your items to maintain organization or makeup to reduce the transfer of powder.

To clean the inside of the Stick With It® palette, remove your products from the Clingfinity® surface.  Use soap and water with a sponge, rinse with warm water and let fully dry.  Or, wipe the surface by using 70% or 91% rubbing alcohol with a flat cotton round and let fully dry. 

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About Mettano Designs:

Based in San Diego, CA Mettano Designs is home to creatively organized products. Navy veteran and career pharmaceutical representative, Monetta Plassmeyer, founded Mettano Designs in her spare time in order to create functional products to simplify life. The Stick With It® is the company’s first product entry.

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