The graphic novel series, ‘Grinidon’ receives great response from the users

Author Jeremy Dunn has started a crowd funding campaign for his dream project, “Grinidon”,  a fantasy graphic novel series illustrated with high quality graphics. The goal of the campaign is to raise $8000 and it has received great response from users all over the world.

Many of users have already pledged, to receive the rewards offered through the campaign such as printed and digital versions of the book, desktop wallpapers, t-shirts, engraved acrylics,  and a the possibility of having a character modeled after you. Author Jeremy Dunn has spent three years of his life working on this graphic novel, currently working with Ervin J. Arroza, whose artwork is currently helping to bring this story to life.

The storyline of the novel is set in Calaway, a large island where magic challenges the mighty and where loyalty and treachery go hand in hand. It is a land of uncertainties where anything can happen at anytime. The author begins the story in the capital of the southern kingdom, Carnasus where people are preparing for an attack from the enemies in the north.

This war has been going on for about 20 years and now Carnasus is preparing for the biggest battle of all. Although they have almost no chance to win, the council calls those loyal to the kingdom support in their fight. The enemy’s army is much larger, and with the Northern King’s strategies to ensure victory; there is little hope for Carnasus to win the war.

The story takes an interesting turn when a warrior from the past returns. After a year’s absence, no one is certain where his loyalties now lie.

The story builds suspense as the story moves forward, and readers are left wondering what the future holds for Carnasus. Will this warrior from the past save them, or will he be their downfall? Will an unlikely band of travelers, led by this unlikely warrior be enough to save their world? The fate of their world is revealed dramatically as the story proceeds further.

Fantasy has always been a popular genre in the novel industry and the author Jeremy Dunn has tapped the same genre with his novel series. The eye-catching illustrations make this novel more compelling as compared to others of it’s type. The success of the Kickstarter campaign will enable the author to get the volume 1 printed and to sell it online, at conventions as well as in local comic book stores. All the rewards are estimated to be delivered in May 2016 to the backers.

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