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Positive SEI Club reviews share members’ happiness with their dates and matchmaking through the club.

LOS ANGELES, CA – Jan 07, 2016 – Members of SEI Club, an exclusive dating and matchmaking service for the financially and socially elite, rave about the quality of the people they are introduced to.

One member said the exclusive club, which accepts between 20 to 35 percent of applicants on average, has helped him meet outstanding people.

“So far each date has been incredible,” he wrote. “The women are gorgeous, have actual careers and accomplishments… and they are kind and sincere… There’s no question about it, you guys are great at what you do.”

SEI Club is able to offer such excellent matches because of how selective it is when it comes to accepting new members, a club spokesperson said. Given the caliber of members, the club ensures member privacy. Still, a sample of current member profiles can be found here (privacy still preserved):

“We screen each applicant for attractiveness, personality optimism, success, ethics, values and more,” the spokesperson said. “We limit acceptance to the successful individuals who also have great personalities and positive outlooks. These traits are imperative when it comes to forming strong, loving relationships.  What’s most important here is that SEI Club members are not just elite and successful but they’re also good people at heart. Believe it or not, this makes a huge difference in terms of ensuring everyone has a positive experience as a member of SEI Club.”

Because the club screens each member, the executive team is able to match members based on dating preferences, mutual interests and relationship goals. One member wrote about how one of his dates seemed like the perfect person for him.

“The matching they do is great. Everyone I’ve met has some overlap with me in terms of interests… enough so we have common ground but not so much that it’s boring…. not to mention the women are attractive if not over the top beautiful,” he wrote. “Julia is literally perfect… we will see each other again next week… Can’t wait.”

Another member said that she has been thrilled with her matches.

“I’ve never had such fun meeting and dating in Chicago,” she wrote. “So far both matches you’ve introduced me two are amazing. They are both witty, and funny, and cute. Thank you so much for everything! I am so glad I found you.” Most SEI Club reviews highlight similar experiences.

Such reviews are apparently quite common according to an SEI Club spokesperson. “Given the care we take in screening, matching, and introducing people, that kind of feedback is quite standard.”

For more information visit the SEI Club website at: SEI Club


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