Airwheel razor scooter electric Will Enjoy Good Reputation on CES

CES, or International Consumer Electronics Show, is the most authoritative platform for all leading-edge electronic products and it is held on the early January every year. Airwheel, the leading brand in intelligent self-balancing electric scooter sector, absolutely won’t miss this hard-won opportunity. At that time, Airwheel will exhibit the most typical scooter of each series.

A few days later, the annual CES, the International Consumer Electronics Show, will be held in Las Vegas. Just as its name implies, it is a platform to display all cutting-edge electronic products to the whole world. Airwheel, as the world-famous intelligent electric scooter manufacturer, will take advantage of this chance and let all people know its products. The CES will improve Airwheel’s fame and also will expand its market share.

On January 6th to 9th, 2016, Airwheel will appear at CES show in Hilton Hall and its booth No. is 48001&48003. The current scooter series will be displayed on the show and Airwheel welcomes people to test its products. In order to give people comprehensive understanding about Airwheel electric scooters, many scooters will be showed in the booths. Airwheel M3 electric skateboard, the only scooter type under M-series, will attract the attention of skateboarding lovers and will also achieve wide approvals from insiders.

Z3 scooter is the only type under Airwheel Z-series. It is suitable for all weather conditions and road conditions. Plus, its replaceable battery unit makes range unlimited. Under A-series, it also has only one scooter, which is A3 sitting-posture scooter. Since it has been released, it is loved by all people, especially women and the elderly because of comfortable and stable riding experience. Under Airwheel two-wheeled S-series, twin-wheeled Q-series and single-wheeled X-series, there are several different scooter types. People will find the differences if having a try on them one after another. 

Besides magical riding experience, people will get to know the applications of Airwheel electric hoverboards from staff there. Briefly speaking, they can satisfy all daily travels of people from all age groups. More importantly, they offer people low-carbon and green travel. After all, environmental protection is the requirement of times. Widely applying Airwheel electric scooters to people’s life enjoys important environmental, social and economic significance.

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