No More Tragedies Caused by the Unexpected Explosion of Unqualified High Quality Electric Hoverboards

Recently, there is a lot of tragic news caused by the unexpected explosions of unqualified hoverboards in many places around the world. These accidents shouldn’t happen if people choose the high-quality vehicles with product qualifications and certifications.

Hoverboards are now the popular toys among kids and young people. Many parents must be planning to buy their children the hoverboards as the Christmas gifts. But recently some reports coming from many places around the world tells people some unexpected explosions of hoverboards. And these explosions set fire on users’ houses. Fortunately, no one was reported to be hurt in the fire. In all these accidents, the reason of the unexpected explosions are all the unqualified hoverboards which were just being recharged in the room. And they just exploded suddenly without any reason.

In Louisiana, Jessica knew that his 12-year old son has longed for a hoverboard for months so she bought one for him from Amazon. In the first days, the hoverboard worked well and his son enjoyed it very much. But one day after the electricity ran out, Jessica placed the hoverboard in the room and charged it. Abnormal sounds came out from the vehicle body and suddenly the hoverboard exploded and set the house on fire. Similarly accidents are reported in both U.K and H.K. Consumers just rode electric hoverboards normally and when they charged the vehicles, unexpected explosions took place. Were these hoverboards not satisfied with their new homes? Definitely not. These hoverboards are all unqualified products, so there are many potential dangers in using them. The electric intelligent vehicle industry is desperate for standards and leaders who lead the whole industry to a more reasonable one.

The whole industry needs more standards. Though Amazon provided Jessica with the UN38.3, L1642, and UL60950-1 certifications of the products, these are still far from being enough for qualifying the products. Consumers must select the products with more authoritative certifications, like ISO9001. Now a few enterprises have been certified by ISO9001 like Segway, Solowheel and Airwheel. And these enterprises have also developed the comprehensive quality control system to guarantee that all the products are qualified and no potential danger exists in the products. Choose the qualified self-balancing electric scooter from leading brands like Segway and Airwheel, and enjoy time safely and freely.

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