Emotional Literacy Found at the Zoo

ATLANTA, GA – Jan 07, 2016 – A new Children’s book demonstrates simple and complex emotions using the alphabet, rhythmic prose, and colorful illustrations of zoo animals. By combining kid-friendly artwork, roll-off-the-tongue rhymes, and a fun spin on the ABCs, the book holds a child’s attention while teaching emotional vocabulary and fostering conversation with caregivers.

In Zoo of Emotions ($9.95 Sparrow River Publishing, December 2015) Author, Teneisha R. S. Jones, does not shy away from using smart vocabulary to describe the emotional state of every zoo animal featured. The book takes a journey through the alphabet, with an animal and emotion tied to each letter. The result is fun to read for parents and children alike.

“The Giraffe was feeling grouchy

as she kicked the dirt below.

The Hippo felt so hopeless.

How to help? He didn’t know.”

Zoo of Emotions is a read-aloud picture book that nurtures communication about feelings, emotions and empathy. Studies have shown that children who have high emotional literacy are better able to:

• self-regulate their own emotional reactions
• empathize with others
• perform better in learning environments

What People Are Saying

“I love that the author doesn’t talk down to the presumably young reader; she uses rich vocabulary while still communicating in easy to understand passages. My kids are requesting this book every night!” – Kathryn Pace, Mother

“Amazingly beautiful book! Important book for little ones and a great way to teach children about the wide range of emotions. Beautiful pictures and a fun read!” – Sarah Avera, Teacher & Mom

Jones has written poetry and short stories for most of her life but started writing for children after becoming a mother. She also relied on her degree in the arts to manage the creative direction of the project. Jones teamed up with Portland OR based Illustrator, Amy Churchwell and Atlanta based Graphic Designer Christopher Jones to create the visual punch in Zoo of Emotions.

Zoo of Emotions (Sparrow River Publishing, $9.95, 30 pages, 8.5” x 8.5”, paperback, ISBN-10: 1517328519, ISBN-13: 978-1517328511, ages 0-10) is available at Amazon http://amzn.com/1517328519 and other online retailers.

For more information, visit www.zooofemotions.com

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