SAARC-ASEAN Academics Mark Inter-Faith Peace Observance – Unanimity to Curb Religious Blasphemies – Cross-Ethnic Peace Perspectives Voiced Across Asia

Breaking News/Asia – Jan 08, 2016 – “While remembering the again-n-again cyclical recurrences of the blasphemous acts by Charlie Hebdo, a myriad of thorny questions besieges every logical mind – which of the stimuli can be able to justify this venomous absurdity? – what objective can be achieved by insulting and disparaging one’s objects of sacredness ? – what purpose can be served by manifesting such offensive profanes and blasphemies – except breaching, contravening and infringing the inter-faith peace and a state of cross ethnic harmony?” remind Post-doctoral academics and other scholars of ASEAN and SAARC regions.

“We have to strive for a ‘principal resolve’ for these highly condemnable cyclical blasphemous reappearances that become responsible for rupturing and breaching the cross-ethnic state of harmony and inter-faith peace environment.”

“And if, we fail, therefore, to respond at this highly susceptible and ‘subject-to-viciousness’ point, or if the global community continues to shy away from taking a ‘moral stand’, then, there can be no more justifiable reason for the pursuit of a global peace in a broader perspectives of cross-ethnic, cross-sectarian and inter-faith outlook, at the least realms of peace reconciliations!”

“We, the academicians of ASEAN and SAARC regions, under the patronage and benefactions of Justice(R) S.S. Paru L.L.D., Chancellor Emeritus SAARC-ASEAN Post-doc Academia (Indonesia), Dr. Faisar N.M. (Sri Lanka), Dame Dr. Mehar Master Moos (India), Dr. Bareera N.B. (Pakistan), Dr. Dass U. (India), Justice (R) Khawaja Muhammad Sharif, Justice (R) Nazir Akhtar, Prof. Qadhi Aurangzeb Al-Hafi, Prof. Emeritus Dr. Zaki, Dr. Khalida M. Khan, Dr. F. M. Bhatti and Lt. Col (R) Azhar Saleem (Pakistan), along with tens of hundreds of other academics from SAARC-ASEAN Post-doc Academia, unanimously condemn religious blasphemies and echo our clarion call by marking this day, to curb sacrilege, irreverence and all types and forms of desecrations and profanities, against all of the sacred and revered objects or entities that is beheld to any faith-article of any religion,” say cross-disciplinary scholars belonging to different faiths, at the 1st  Inter-Faith Peace Observance.

“This is not an offensive delinquency against a religious group, but the exasperations and dreadfully obnoxious manifestations of immorality, against all religions and the whole global creeds,” said Postdoctoral academics belonging to dissimilar and unalike articles of faith.

Higher judiciary-officials of Asian region strappingly condemned blasphemous acts and declared them ‘grave inter-faith violence’ by all means, at all vantages and from all perspectives, in a pronounced way by citing decidedly significant reference quote-marks from diverse scriptures.

SAARC Anti-blasphemy Commission presented a Deca-archic Strategic Action Plan, to address the dilemma, and made strong recommendations to build a cross-ethnic and interfaith sentimentalities-based consensus in the broad-based ethico-moral perspectives, concerning the sensitivities related to the subject-matter.

Cherif and Said Kouachi have been titled ‘Martyrdoms of Peace’. The two brothers gunned down the Hebdo cursers for the reason of the repeated and cyclical blasphemous acts, that French publisher, Charlie Hebdo used to carry out repetitively since 2006.

The two assassins, who eventually turned to be murdered by the French authorities and police consequently, have been declared as ‘Leading Inter-Faith Peace Heroes’ and ‘Protagonist Martyrdoms’, by the 1st ‘All Universities Inter-Faith Peace Observance’, unanimously.

Pakistani minorities’ leader J. Salik (Ex Federal Minister of Minorities) supported the anti-blasphemy cause and made high condemnations on the blasphemous acts of Charlie Hebdo, and categorically cited for the sentiments of Vatican’s Pope Francis, concerning the sensitivity of the subject-matter. Though, the Vatican Pope’s statement didn’t justify the Hebdo murders, but nevertheless, quite noticeably and evidently, it provided an appreciably perceptible baseline and reference point position.

“The Pope very clearly stated for what constitutes the conceivable principal base-line, concerning the subject under considerations,” learnt the cross-regional scholars at the 1st Inter-Faith Peace Observance.

Last year, the ‘in-absentia’ funeral services for Cherif and Said Kouachi were solemnly paid in Peshawar, Istanbul, Kabul Hyderabad Deccan, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia declaring Kouachi brothers martyrdoms. French authorities forbade the family members to hold their funeral in Paris. However, the ‘prevented funeral’ began to be commenced at different parts of the world. Initiated by Qadhi Aurangzeb Al Hafi and Allama Pir Muhammad Chishti, the memorials to honor them have been performed in almost 12 countries.

The IFPO conveners Justice (R) S.S. Paru, Dr. Fiaser N.M. and Dr. Bareera N.B. gave the opening and the closing discourses as well.

The IFPOs observed across the SAARC and ASEAN regions, were convened by academicians, councils of legislatures, different seminaries and leaders of political parties.

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