New Dimensions Publish Modern Illustrated Kamasutra EBook To Relight The Fire Of Imagination

New Dimensions has created an all new, detailed and fully illustrated version of the Kamasutra aimed at western audiences looking to spice up their sex lives in the 21st century.

The Kamasutra is one of the oldest and most famous books in the world, and while it contains ruminations on the acquisition of knowledge, conduct befitting gentlemen and women and more, it’s most famous passages are those which pertain to the art of love making. Translated many times from ancient Sanskrit, the book has proven to be a best seller in the past. Now, New Dimensions has updated it for the 21st century, with a new high quality e-book entitled “Modern Illustrated Kamasutra”, which aims to reveal its secrets with never-before-seen clarity.

The new version of the Kamasutra has been created for clarity and honesty, translating the ancient Sanskrit text anew and updating it in a way that is accessible and approachable to modern audiences. Much of the spiritual metaphor has been supported and reinterpreted through a psychological lens, while the illustrations have recreated using 3D modelling to create unique perspectives that better reveal the secrets hidden within.

The new version is available now, and early testimonials already confirm the new version is something much more than its predecessors, available in digital format only for the time being, and has been rated five stars as well as being praised for its high quality.

A spokesperson for New Dimensions explained, “We are thrilled to be able to release our first publication, and we could not be more proud to make it a new, bold and vivid interpretation of one of the most popular books of all time. Its popularity is not based in the sordid, as many people might first imagine, but in its honest examination on the nature of the physical relationship and love. The beautiful thing about it is the way it explores intimacy and connection in depth – in this way, the Kamasutra is the anti-porn.”

About New Dimensions:

New Dimensions is a new publishing house for the highest quality selected e-books, with their first publication a modern illustrated guide to the Kamasutra. The new e-book is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders, and more, and can be purchased by anyone looking to inspire creativity and new levels of intimacy within the bedroom.

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