Achievers Dream Promises Secondary School Students 7-42 Marks Improvements Within 90 days

Achievers Dream is a chemistry learning centre led by Jerald Lie, principal educator and the author of the book “The Secrets of High Achievers During Examinations”. His book, available in international bookstores such as Amazon and Kindle, has helped thousands of students across the world to get better grades in their exams.

After teaching for more than 7 years, Jerald has perfected his Proprietary system called ‘Speed Core BlueprintTM’. His blueprint works on building a strong foundation for students so that they do not have to depend on rote learning but instead, thoroughly understand the concepts. Students who apply the blueprint will notice a distinct difference in their understanding of Chemistry in 30 to 60 days studying the blueprint.

Unlike other learning centres that only take in students who perform well, Achievers Dream takes in students who are failing. Achievers Dream specializes in helping struggling secondary school students to understand chemistry concepts effortlessly. A step-by-step actionplan will be offered after their root cause of problem is identified. Thereafter, students will be given customized notes compiled over the last 7 years. Using these notes, their students are able to gain an unfair advantage over their classmates. The plan will contain guidance of dealing with common yet deadly chemistry questions which are generally answered incorrectly.

By combining his wealth of knowledge for Chemistry and unorthodox teaching methods, he aims to help students in improving Chemistry in a short time span.

With the help of Achievers Dream, students can already get 7-42 marks improvement. However, if students choose to work 10-20 hours additional a week, they can evenscore A2 or A1 in chemistry. Educators were made to share this secret ‘Speed Core BlueprintTM’ to ensure they deliver what they promise. This blueprint which can be applied when students are furthering their studies. Achievers Dream teaches what is not being taught in schools that’s why it is able to attract the attention of demanding parents.

Jerald Lie has experience of more than 7 years in teaching secondary school chemistry. He is the leading authority on educating young minds. He has created a solid reputation among the students and education community which becomes evident from the fact that several students travels long distances just to learn from him.

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