Airwheel M3 Electric Hoverboard Is About to Engage in Indiegogo

There are several platforms for crowd-funding namely fundraising like Kickstarter, Indiegogo or Razoo. After careful consideration, Airwheel has decided to pose its futuristic skateboard M3 on Indiegogo. Hurry to check it and then surprise is waiting the imaginative guys.

Maybe it is all the fault of Back to the Future II, and this kind of inspiration arouses Airwheel to create M3 electric skateboard, looking like – essentially a plank with rounded ends and four wheels underneath. But it is an intelligent skateboard with a recognizable silhouette. Right now it is going to engage in the fundraising platform, Indiegogo which is a stage helping people with dreams to succeed.

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The deck in unit M3 is a graceful shape of a leaf made by maple wood. The deck is made through a painstaking process of bonding several wood tiers into one. The Airwheel team says riders could put something weighing 120kg and it won’t break. There is a place left for riders to give full play to the imagination. The decal attached on the M3 electric hoverboard’s deck is up to riders. Thus, they can DIY whatever they like on the board to show their personality. It’s not just the material and the looking that makes Airwheel M3 futuristic. The 4.5-inch electric skateboard’s tires are deigned to dip down from both ends. It also has a concave center, making it a bit like a potato chip. The tires customized from Cheng Shin Tire are with deep grooved patterns, which enjoy good stability on the road.

M3 electric hoverboard

The damper mass is equipped with above the wheels. The idea is to give the board strength and the rider stability on the rough roads. Moreover, a remote control is paired with the board, which is in charge of speed and steering directions. Just slowly pressing the button on the remote control is to realize speed up or slow down. In light of the remote control, riders can enjoy variable speed experience on the board.  

Here it can be a piece of great news for those who are dreaming of skateboarding with a futuristic board like M3 electric skateboard. Don’t hesitate to share this news to some other guys that Airwheel M3 is about to land on Indiegogo.

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