ACETECH electric scooter accompanies you along your travels and bring the new.

A New Year is upon us and time again and prepare for New Year celebrations! Each one prays a peace and prosperity year and overcomes all the obstacles to move forward for seeking happiness.

Jan 11, 2016 — Everyone has his or her own wishes and all the wishes are around happiness and better lives. They hope they could earn happiness by their hands. ACETECH Foldable ET electric scooter gently reminds each good guy that keeps your thoughts on a high and positive level in life. So Acetech electric scooter guides you to discard the old and bring the new. Shenzhen ACETECH wish you have an awesome every day Of New Year 2016.

Since establishment, Shenzhen Acetech Technology Co., Ltd has been researching and developing premium products, while Shenzhen Acetech  Electric Scooter will also give the most comfortable riding experience. We are very delighted to share with you about this fashion design & adorable product–Acetech ET Scooter.

If you have strict requirements for the endurance of daily vehicles, Shenzhen Acetech Electric Bike will be the best one to go outside. With the excellent Samsung/LG Lithium battery, Shenzhen Acetech Electric Bike can be easily replaced with full power battery within only 2-3 hours. 2016 will be a successful year with riding Shenzhen Acetech Electric scooter, a scooter of continuous power support.

Do you still mind for the riding posture of Shenzhen Acetech Scooter? Acetech research and development center designs the pedals to be foldable. The unfolded pedals have enough space for standing by foot in parallel.

According to the organizing committee at The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, was held in Paris, France. Representative member of the Conference firmly believe that Green Cars/Vehicles, Electric scooter that are able to provide high mileage by using electric and hybrid technology. As the number of cars on the road continues to increase, it is important for everyone to make an effort to reduce the carbon footprint.

One of the most effective ways to preserve the environment is to invest in a green ECO car or electric based motorcycle. Along with their environmental benefits, green vehicles have a lot of benefits to offer drivers. There is no doubt that ACETECH ET electric scooter can reduction of driver’s fuel costs. You will be able to drive your environmentally friendly Shenzhen Acetech scooter and significantly lower cost than a conventional Gasoline motorcycle.

Shenzhen Acetech Technology Co., Ltd is an emerging fashion firm which is specialized in designing and manufacturing top-grade products, constantly develops various outdoor electric scooter and leisure sports products. 

The coming year 2016 will be also an intelligent year. APP in mobile phone and the inside Bluetooth are the request of intelligent era. According to the engineer’s news, Shenzhen Acetech Technology Co., Ltd surely will launch the newest intelligent electric scooter, which included GPS (Global Positioning System), Bluetooth, SIM card…Riders can interact with their foldable scooters, such as the real-time speed, total miles, power usage or tracking records etc. What’s more, the newest intelligent electric scooter body use Aluminum Alloy material, keeping the weight about 25KG and less than the 1st  Shenzhen Acetech scooter 5KG.So let’s wait and see. 

A good beginning of New Year will start from riding Shenzhen Acetech Electric scooter. Once again May you all a peace and prospect year.

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