ExploreTraveler Inc Co-founder John Gentry agreed to be a Brand Ambassador for beBee Affinity Network

ExploreTraveler Inc Co-founder John Gentry has agreed to be a Brand Ambassador for the social media network beBee Affinity Networking.

“We have recently began helping platforms like beBee Affinity Networking that have a certain synergy with us, and help us to broaden our reach within the social media sphere of influence. But before I talk about that let me first talk about what does not work well for us.”

This platform is a great communication tool and lends to our credibility within the social media audience. If you want interested people on your website, and to increase your worldwide influence beBee has a good platform, and enables us to have forum based groups around our world class content.

With the founder now acting as a Brand Ambassador for this new social media company, we have great expectations that they will increase their presence within the USA and UK markets in 2016. The company boasts almost 9 Million followers after only nine months open to the public, and the USA market is still small at 4500 so the growth potential for this platform is huge, and we hope to grow with them.

beBee – Has a very strong following in Spain, India, Mexico, and South America. ExploreTraveler is active here as well, and has seen faster account growth rates with beBee over other social media platforms. John Gentry said “It has allowed us to expand our blog readership into Cuba, Spain, India, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and Chile. Some of these countries where never on our radar before, and Brazil is our fastest growth in readership now. The company is still very small but well-funded, and the staff communicates with us regularly. I see the potential here to be very strong in South America, and Central America. Also at the moment I can directly follow by category and by country. This has allowed me to target high growth countries for future growth opportunities.”

Follow John Gentry here if interested John Gentry beBee

Our presence on beBee and how the account works so far:

As of this writing we already have over 1800 followers and growing fast. You are able to target people to follow by country, and Hive or category such as journalism. We already have received mails from other users in Spanish and English 24/7 with great activity on our new groups as well. The staff working there is very helpful, and directly involved within the network with the sharing, and liking of post through their day. They are also very active in reaching out to people around the world getting the word out about this new media platform.

2015 has seen tremendous growth for us overall, and we really enjoy the interaction with everyone here on beBee and look forward to this platform having great growth in 2016 and beyond. It is really nice to be in contact with others that understand the technological challenges we face, and how we all share ideas and techniques to help each other’s businesses grow.

ExploreTraveler maintains several websites, and company blog at ExploreTraveler.com

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