Airwheel golden technologies electric scooter show time with the brand new and humanized products at the 2016 CES

After spending the New Year, the annual CES, Consumer Electronics Show will officially open at the Las Vegas Convention Center, NV on January 6th and will last four days.

As the top priority event at the beginning of 2016, no matter the industry champions or start-ups enterprises, they all regard it as a perfect platform to showcase their new products and technologies. Airwheel is no exception. At booth No. 48001 & 48003, Airwheel will focus on demonstrating Z3 2 wheeled electric scooter, S6 mini self-balancing scooter and M3 electric air board. With the fast development of modern society, smart commuting, healthy lifestyle and low-carbon life is drawing more and more attention.

Z3 golden technologies electric scooter

In this New Year, office workers can have more economic and time-saving way of commuting between home and office. Take Z3 golden technologies electric scooter as an example. With the comfortable front-facing standing riding posture, users can avoid the traffic the rush hours by riding Z3. After arriving in the bus or subway, Z3 can be a mini and very portable skateboard since many places are designed to be folded, such as the adjustable operating arm and the pedals. So it is a necessity for smart commuting.

What’s your New Year resolutions? Keeping fit must be one of them. M3 electric skateboard can provide such a method for you to exercise yourselves. Although M3 can be manipulated by a wireless remote control, it also requires riders’ body to shift center of gravity when changing directions. So riding this skateboard will cost some strength. In your spare time, you not only gain joyfulness during your traveling but also exercise your whole body.

M3 electric skateboard

Or you can choose S6 mini electric walkcar, a walkcar that can have two kinds of riding posture. When you plan to go to park, go shopping or walking your lovely dog, sitting to ride S6 will be a best choice. Apart from S6, the previous S5 plays a key role in large factories or other areas. Policemen and security guards can ride S5 to performing their duties.

All in all, seeing is believing. Try them by yourselves at the 2016 CES and see how wonderful Airwheel products are.

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