High Beam Shoes Turns Shoes With Lights into Shoes With Headlights

Jan 11, 2016 – Finally, someone took the “shoes with lights”, and turned them into something more than just a cute kids fad. High Beam Shoes, a Dallas based company, developed a shoe that actually serves a function.  Headlights for shoes.  These shoes have super bright headlights that can light up the road infront of the wearer.  Wearable tech may be nascent when it comes to full integration in the footwear industry, but every now and then someone comes up with something that changes the way you think.

Shoes that light up is nothing new.  We have seen them blink when you walk, and even change colors, normally found on the kids isle in your local Walmart. But what we havent seen is a shoe that is cool, and actually has a utilitly function.  The new High Beam Shoes have a patented light system that the user can turn on when needed.  The super bright lights, arent just for kids.  Think about all the aplications for this new tech; Running, Biking, Hiking, Camping, Fishing, Exploring, anywhere you want to go, and no need to carry a flash light. If you have your shoes on, your ready for any dark situation.

Safety in mind.  How about dim lit hallways, stairways, lonley walks home. The new shoe for Seniors includes a remote control that can hang around the wrist, neck or attach to a belt or key chain.  Just push the button on the remote to activate the lights.  Seniors dont have to bend or stoop to activate the lights when in a low light area, like the stairs in a Movie theater. High Beams have a second setting.  Click the button a second time and the lights blink for safety when riding bikes, skateboarding, running or walking on the road at night.

LEDs have long been explored as a part of wearables; ranging from bold costumes worn on stage by the likes of Katy Perry and Fergie from The Black Eyed Peas, as well as more recently in t-shirts that display light-up messages across the front of them.  High Beam Shoes are turning the page on light up shoes of the past, thier slogan “Playtime isn’t just for daytime”, is serious business.

The question however, is whether this translates to the commercial retail environment. Light-up sneakers make sense for the early teen market, as proven in the past by the likes of LA Gear mentioned above, and they seem to be making headway once again with a youthful trend-led consumer, as demonstrated by Topman earlier in 2015, which released a version in shades of black, burgundy, navy and white, that similarly lit-up as you stepped in them.

But for today’s affluent shopper, are light-up shoes actually appealing? In a traditional sense, likely not, at least not the light up shoes of the past, but there’s a market of digital millennials with money to spend, who want something cool, but functional.  I can them coveting a pair of these shoes for spring/summer 2016.

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