Philadelphia Car Donation company trying to make impact for Veterans in 2016

Donate a car and you can help a veteran in need.
Philadelphia car donation service calls upon its citizens to donate their old cars and automobiles for veterans’ cause.

Philadelphia car donation service, a subsidiary of the US Veteran Car Donations, is on a drive to raise funds for those numerous veterans who face a highly uncertain future after having put their life on the line for the cause of their country. This is happening despite the Government’s continuous and commendable effort to rehabilitate veterans, active military personnel and their families. It is obvious from reports that monumental efforts are needed on an urgent basis to make life easy for the 500,000 plus unemployed veterans and also for the other one million expected to join the ranks shortly.

“Helping veterans live a life of dignity and comfort after they have given the best years of their life for the safety of our country is the responsibility of every citizen of the U.S,” says the spokesperson of Philadelphia. “Donate your vehicle through Veteran Car Donations in Philadelphia because you will not only save the time and effort needed to get rid of an old clunker, but also enjoy many other benefits. The time to act is now and show your appreciation for those who volunteered to save the country.” 

Car donations are a great way of making a real difference to the lives of veterans and their families. Residents of Philadelphia can do it conveniently now through the Philadelphia car donation website and put an end to car registration and insurance costs. They will also receive a car donation tax deduction when they donate cars and other vehicles to the cause of veterans.

The time has come to do more than a mere “thanks for your service” gesture, says the spokesperson for Philadelphia Car Donation. The hapless heroes and their families suffer in many ways due to lack of money and financial support. They have to endure poor health care, and many even do not know when their family will have their next square meal. It’s nothing short of a national scandal that the real heroes who did so much for the country should have such a dreadful post-service existence.

Veteran Car Donation is focused on doing more than providing basic assistance to truly transform the lives of those who fought hard to protect the United States of America. The call to donate a car has generated tremendous and heartwarming response in many states and they believe they can repeat and even outdo the effort in Philadelphia.

To ensure maximum response, they have made the whole process simple and quick. Car donors simply have to fill the online donation form available on their website or call them to pick up the vehicle and handle all the paperwork. The donated car tax deduction receipt is sent through mail.

Philadelphia residents can even donate autos, trucks, boats, RVs, or just about any other motor vehicle, regardless of its condition. The tax deduction is valued at the gross price received for selling or auctioning the vehicle. The money raised from car donations is used to help veterans learn new job skills so that they can earn a steady income and return to their communities with their head held high.

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