Holiday Cemetery Theft Escalates Demand for Theft Deterrent Cemetery Vase

As cemetery thefts continue to grow across the country, many families are looking for theft deterrent alternatives.

Theft in cemeteries around the holidays is escalating the demand for a theft deterrent alternative to bronze and other metals commonly used to manufacture cemetery flower vases.  Some families bringing flowers to a cemetery in remembrance of a loved one found an un-welcomed surprise this holiday season. Reports of bronze vases being stolen in the months of November and December are rolling in.  Many of the vases that have been stolen may not be discovered for several months, if ever at all.  Cemetery directors, managers as well as families of loved ones whose graves have been desecrated are demanding an alternative to bronze and other metals.  Even in areas where there is oversight of scrap metal purchases, the stolen property is still slipping through.

The bronze vases which can cost  as much as $350 or more are being sold for pennies on the dollar in the form of scrap metal to metal recyclers.  Some cemeteries are reporting losses in the hundreds over a single weekend.  Demands for increased security are being responded to with several solutions but there are limits to what a cemetery can do.  Some cemeteries are increasing security measures, adding cameras or staff, but often the robbers are able to get around them.  A growing number of families are demanding an alternative that will deter the continuing theft.

In addition to the reported cases, some cemeteries have theft that will not be noticed right away.  After the holidays, winter is the season that the memorial vases are typically used the least.  Winter theft will be much more evident in the spring as families gather to remember loved ones with fresh flowers.  In winter it is common for the vases to be turned down, which means the body of the vase is housed underground in a canister designed to protect it when not in use.  Instead of seeing the vase as it is when it is standing up, it is not as easily visible turned down.  It is often not until the family comes to use the vase that it is realized as missing.

Granger Plastics Company, a division of Granger Industries has released a line of products addressing this very issue.  ForeverSafe Products offers custom fitting replacement cemetery vases in eight metallic and granite finishes.  Giving the families something that represents what they lost as well as offering a selection to choose from allows some control in a powerless situation.  ForeverSafe Products feature beauty and affordability while offering theft deterrent materials for additional security for an increasingly targeted item. 

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