Amazon Announces The Release Of Take Me With You: Daily Inspiration By Troy Gathers

Entrepreneur, Public Speaker and PhD student Troy Gathers releases his first book titled Take Me With You: Daily Inspiration. The book is a collection of quotes that was composed by Troy to be thought provoking and to bring change to people’s lives. With 700 quotes and life lessons, the book aims to provide people with a companion to bring positivity in their life.

Amazon, the largest online shopping network is pleased to announce a new book has been added to their shopping platform. The book titled Take Me With You: Daily Inspiration is a book of original collections of quotes written by Troy Gathers.

With over 700 quotes and life lessons the book, which is available as a Kindle download for $4.86 and paperback for $10.95 has been written to provide the reader with thought provoking quotes to bring changes in their life. Unlike other quotation books that are one-dimensional and focus solely on emotion, Take Me With You: Daily Inspiration provides an insight into real everyday life experiences to help inspire people.

The modern world brings people more pressures with low wages, high-unemployment, increased stress, and low motivation. Entrepreneur and Public Speaker Troy Gathers understands how people are affected by the problems and the pressures of the modern world, and that is why he has used his motivational experience to produce the book that will help people improve their life and reach their goals.

Key points:

• Positive inspiration for the upcoming year

• Over 700 Quotes and Life Lessons

• Book features a monthly review that helps the reader access their surroundings

• Troy is focused on assisting the youth grow through life

The book, which was released January 1 2016, has been described as an important tool for people who want to receive motivational support for a better 2016.

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About Troy Gathers

Troy Gathers is a PhD student and entrepreneur who has successfully marketed and sold his products globally. As a youth, Gathers attended 8 different grade schools and dealt with the obstacles of constantly moving and being the new kid on the block. Over the course of his teen years, he encountered every type of friend and peer pressure imaginable. As time progressed, Troy became unaffected by the distractions and focused solely on education and making the grades to excel. Currently, Gathers travels to churches, schools and prisons providing words of encouragement to those who may share in a similar situation.

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