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For businesses and companies that hire photo booths for their marketing activities, having a booth fully customized to the company‚Äôs needs and marketing objectives can really help drive home the message they want conveyed to their potential customers and prospective business investors alike. It’s a social thing.
The days of snapping photos for use in passport applications and other documentary purposes have been largely overshadowed by the return of self-portrait images that are fun and very interactive.

For a time, especially with the advent of front-facing and reversible smartphone camera systems, many thought photo booths have seen their end. However, Photomation is clearly changing the way people look and use the photo booth by adding useful features that are considered dreams during its heyday.

The once ubiquitous photo booth is now making a huge comeback especially in large social events, conferences, and tradeshows as well as parties and celebrations. Companies are now hiring photo booth providers like Photomation to add an interesting element to their marketing and promotional activities. Some have even commissioned photo booth companies to design and manufacture their own photo booth to be used in a variety of purposes. And why not? With the successful integration of today’s internet technology with the digital image capture architecture of camera and video systems coupled with unique user interfaces, the photo booth of today is simply a marvelous piece of technology. A far cry from its modest beginnings in the late 19th century.

Largely attributed to Anatol Josepho, the modern day equivalent of the photo booth was not always this user-friendly and multi-purpose. In fact, when it first appeared in New York’s Broadway in 1925. It was simply an automated photo generating machine where enthusiastic individuals would enter, drop their 25 cents, have their pictures taken, and wait about 10 minutes before they can have their pictures. The very first commercial photo booth saw close to 300,000 individuals in its first 6 months. The technology was such a hit that Photomation Company was established just to make sure that photo booths were available in every major city across the United States.

This piece of history is now being repeated. While many already have 41-megapixel camera systems on their smartphones, the allure of photo booths is simply incomprehensible. Perhaps it is the nostalgic feeling of having a picture taken by a device that has a rich 19th-century story. Or perhaps the idea of having your picture taken with your friends inside a booth that is appropriately adorned for the occasion is simply irresistible to many. Whatever the reason is, Photomation’s photo booths are now increasingly being used in many social gatherings and business events all over the country.

What makes today’s photo booths a hit? For starters, the ability to seamlessly send your pictures to the Cloud and to your social media account is something that many photo booth users find very appealing. And while almost everyone can take a snapshot of themselves in certain events using their smartphone or camera, only a few will ever have the chance to get his or her pictures taken by a vintage classic. Just imagine your Facebook page with your picture inside a photo booth and you will instantly be the talk of the town. Post another picture taken by your own camera and it will only generate the same old generic response.

For businesses and companies that hire photo booths for their marketing activities, having a booth fully customized to the company’s needs and marketing objectives can really help drive home the message they want conveyed to their potential customers and prospective business investors alike. For companies, having a photo booth in a major trade show or business exposition, fully customized to fit their business objectives, can do a lot in terms of building reputation and credibility. This is not to mention the brand recall and retention the photo booth has in the minds of trade show participants, exhibitors, and guests. They will always be talking about that wonderful picture box that took digital images of them and allowed them to send it automatically to their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The photo booths of the late 19th to early 20th century have seen exponential development, thanks in part to advances in imaging, internet, and data processing technology. Of particular note is the unparalleled commitment and dedication of companies like Photomation to continuously challenge the norms and forever push the boundaries of human imagination. One can only surmise that the next wave of photo booth innovations will already include 3D technology. Perhaps with the decreasing cost of 3D printing infrastructure, it might only be a matter of time before the world starts seeing photo booths that captures and prints three-dimensional representations of individuals. Now that would really be space-age.

Until then, Photomation’s photo booths will continue to grace every major social event and business gathering all over the country and overseas wherever they may be needed. It is, after all, a rare privilege to have one’s picture taken by a piece of 19th-century technology.

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