T. HuFF An Award-Winning Short Film And TV producer Launches New Podcast On Indie Filmmaking

The award-winning producer is set to launch his new podcast called Hollywood Hate Me. The podcast takes people on T. Huff’s and fellow filmmakers’ journeys as they create an alternative to the Hollywood system that lacks respect! The producer and filmmaker podcast is aimed at helping people understand how to succeed.

A new podcast is set to be launched on Indie Filmmaking. The Hollywood Hate Me audio podcast will follow an award-winning short film and TV producer who was awarded the Cannes Short Film Corner and First Cut Industry Showcase for his production of ‘Chile.’ T.Huff whose film was screened in over 50 film festivals invites the world to follow him on his journey of making his first feature film, A Bag Of Chips.

The Podcast, which has been described like an audio version of Robert Rodriguez’s Rebel Without A Crew, has gained excitement around the world with media studies students and amateur and professional filmmakers. T.Huff is set to share his experience and speak to other filmmakers to learn how they make low budget and no budget films and turn them into a success.

T.Huff said: “I will be talking to other filmmakers who are striving in the Indie low-budget to no-budget film world, and pick their brains to learn how they’re doing it. I will also be talking to the authors of some of my favorite books, as a suggestion list for you. And, finally, I will be talking to filmmakers/content creators who have given up on the Hollywood system and decided to distribute to their audience directly; just like what I plan on doing with my film A Bag Of Chips.”

Hollywood is a multi-billion dollar industry but in recent years, it has been accused of ignoring artistic creativity. Many have the belief that Hollywood has lost its way and instead of producing quality films and supporting real talent, they continue to over produce remakes for profit. Over the past ten years, Hollywood has lost a great deal of money through over producing remakes and trying to push out films as fast as they can. Now, Indie filmmakers want Hollywood to work with new and up and coming talent who have great film ideas without the budget.

T.Huff, believes Hollywood should look at all the talent that is available and help indie filmmakers get their stories and films out to the audience. Through the lack of support including financial, many great films are going undiscovered. However, through the Hollywood Hate Me podcast, filmmakers who struggle to get their art to a wider audience will learn how other filmmakers are achieving success.

The Podcast will cover many important topics, which includes how crowdfunding is helping filmmakers to gain investment. Through speaking to crowdfunding experts, Indie-filmmakers will understand how important it is to turn to online finance sites such as crowdfunding sites to and how to do it in a successful way. 

Hollywood is no longer the only outlet for producing films as T.Huff finds out when he speaks to filmmakers who are creating their own Hollywood and making Hollywood hate them for doing it.

To learn more about the Hollywood Hate Me podcast, please visit http://www.hollywoodhateme.com/

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T. HuFF’s exceptional career was launched after obtaining B.F.A in Cinematic Studies at California State University at Fresno and a Master’s of Fine Arts degree in Film Production from Chapman University.

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