Retirement Expert Creates A Retirement System that Guarantees You Income for as long as you live!

PASADENA, TX – Jan 13, 2016 – Adolfo Rodriguez,  a Houston, TX  retirement income planner and Social Security expert has developed a proprietary retirement system that guarantees an income stream in retirement that you can not outlive. “The Gold Shield Retirement Defense System“, is a system that uses Social Security guaranteed income combined with a guaranteed lifetime pension style income that will be used as a basis for a retirees income.

Combining these two income streams with will allow you to retire comfortably. Knowing that you will never run out of money is the key to this program, if you spend you income this month, do not worry another check will be here next month. This program is unique because it takes the guessing out of retirement. Adolfo believes that for this generation of retirees to enjoy their retirement they must have constant income comming in every month regardless of how the market does or how many years they live in retirement.

Adolfo will be having a workshop at the Unviersity of Houston Clear Lake  Saturday January 23, 2016  at 10:am  located 2700 Bay Area Blvd   Bayou Building # 1217   were he will discuss the important of Social Security and how his system of a guaranteed income works and why income is the most important part of retirement.

You can reserve a seat by calling 1-866-448-3031 or on line at

Adolfo joined the A/R Financial Group in 2002, and with his dedication to exceeding client expectations, became Managing Partner in 2005. Adolfo is considered an expert in Social Security benefits and strategies. He has obtained the designations of Registered Financial Consultant (RFC) , National Social Security Advisor (NSSA) and is Certified in Social Security Claiming Strategies (CSSCS) The Registered Financial Consultant (RFC) is a professional designation awarded by the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants to those financial advisors who can meet the high standards of education, experience and integrity.

The National Social Security Advisor (NSSA) certification is given to individuals that are well-educated in Social Security rules and regulations, including laws and the impact of Social Security taxation. Certified in Social Security Claiming Strategies (CSSCS) this certification is given to individuals that complete an intensive training program in Social Security rules and regulations and complete a certification examination.

More information about the company and the upcoming educational sessions can be found at or call 1-866-448-3031 to make reservations as seating is limited.

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