New App Daily Good Aims To Help People Become Greener And Learn How To Become More Environmentally Friendly

Pope Francis understands how important it is to combat climate change. He said on September 24 while in Washington addressing the U.S Congress that a revolution was needed. The pope would like to see the world come together and make serious changes to protect the environment. He is not the only one who thinks this. Millions of people around the world agree, and that is why a new app was launched called Daily Good.

Daily Good is an important app that was created by Hung Thai and Mike Hicks with one mission in mind. They want to help save the planet and follow Pope Francis words of wisdom and make people aware of how important saving the planet is and what steps can be taken.

Financial experts have said becoming more aware of the environment and taking steps to become greener, and more environmental friendly is not just about saving the planet for the next generation. Taking measures to save water, reduce electricity that is used and other measures can save people money.

Daily Good App helps people think green. It allows people to change the way they live and come together to take care of planet earth and show it the respect it deserves. A spokesman for Daily Good explained if just half the people in the world downloaded the app and followed the tips and advice, the earth environment would be saved.

Each morning the app sets a challenge. That challenge will fall into one of four categories. Those categories are water, waste, energy, or karma.  The user of the app who accepts the challenge is rewarded with points. The more challenges they accept, the more points they receive. However, it is not about the points; it is about knowing by completing the challenges they are helping to make the earth a better place to live for their children. The app shows the user the impact their challenges are having on the earth. Not every challenge has to be accepted but the more challenges they accept, the bigger impact they will have on creating a better environment. 

Daily Good App has generated a lot of excitement with people who campaign to make the world a better place to live, but financial experts have also raved about the app. The app is not just about creating a better earth, by becoming greener people can and will save money.

You can download Daily Good on the App Store. To learn more about the app, please visit

About Daily Good

Daily Good App helps people to understand how they can change their lifestyle and make the earth a better place for the children of tomorrow.

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