Men’s Magazine Launches E-Magazine for iTunes and Google Play

NEW YORK, NY – Jan 14, 2016 – Ballz Magazine, a magazine for men 30-60 years old, is proud to announce the launch of their new e-magazine that will be available through their website, on iTunes, and through Google Play. Ballz provides men with intelligent answers, efficient solutions, thought provoking material, and easy-to-adopt inspirational and actionable tips to help them become who they have always strived to be.

“Ballz Magazine is different than most magazines geared towards men. While we teach men to be more manly, we do not tell them what to wear, how to look, or which car to drive,” says Jep Laponnel, Editor and Chief of Ballz Magazine. “We inspire each and every man to stand up for themselves and become more of a man.”

This magazine contains Articles, blog posts, online discussions, social media material, interviews with groundbreaking men who live life their way, all with the purpose of helping men find who they have always wanted to be. The staff of Ballz Magazine brings together the world’s most experienced doers who are constantly authoring insightful articles aiming to inspire, provoke and teach men to be their very best.

Laponnel explains, “Our hope is that we can inspire men to learn to trust themselves by questioning the authorities and challenging the status quo. We hope to inspire men to become self-confident, charismatic, and successful on their own terms. It is not society who should be telling men how to think, act, and feel; men should determine this for themselves.”

The launch of the sleek mobile e-magazine by Ballz is intended to provide men with a more accessible and easy to understand source of inspiration when they are on the go. For those desiring to try Ballz out before committing to a subscription, the first issue is now being offered for free to those who download the app on iTunes or Google Play.

Please visit to learn more about purchasing the new e-magazine so that you can join an elite group of men in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s that consistently strive to become more manly.

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