Possession Consciousness: Achieving Peace and Harmony In Our Lives

Relax. Breathe. And ask for Divine order.
Our lives today can be best summed in one word: chaotic.

No matter how much order we strive to put into our lives, sometimes we tend to get lost in spur-of-the-moment decisions. Just look around you and you will see things that are not only useless clutter but also a reflection of the current state of things in our minds and in our souls.

Whether we accept it or not, this lack of organization is merely a physical manifestation of our innermost thoughts and feelings that can also be aptly described as chaotic – turbulent, full of clutter, lacks organization. Is it not time to de-clutter the things around us in an effort to put organization, harmony, and balance back into our lives?

In a process known as possession consciousness, let us take a journey towards realizing what life really is and start focusing on those things that will lead us to achieving this life that we all envision it to be.

Relax. Breathe. And ask for Divine order.

When we relax, we tend to have a better understanding of the things and occurrences around us. We have greater clarity on what needs to be done. And for you to relax, you need to take a deep breath to fill every single cell in your body with life-giving oxygen and nutrients. You then ask for Divine inspiration to put order back into your life.

How? You keep, you give, and you dispose.

Determine those things in your life that are useful in achieving your goals in life.  Things that you use, you need, or you really like. Those clothes that you feel good in, the objects that bring beauty to your environment. These are things that you keep. Next is for you to identify those things that you feel are nice but not necessarily as relevant to your life’s vision. The shoes and clothes, objects and gadgets you really don’t love. These you can give to other people who might benefit more from them. Lastly, identify those things that neither you nor other people will benefit from.  Throw those in the trash. Give away and throw out- these unnecessary items are purely distractions in your environment, hence your life. These are the clutter, the garbage, the waste, that have been taking control of your life. When you are done with your possession consciousness efforts, you will feel more content, more peaceful, and your environment will show it.  And this is a way to demonstrate tangibly how we achieve peace and harmony in our lives. 

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