Inversion Therapy HQ Recently Updated Its List of Best Inversion Tables For 2016

Recently, Inversion Therapy HQ has updated its list of best inversion table this coming 2016. So to those who are looking for the best inversion tables in the market as soon as 2016 comes, sure thing they can now an idea on which among the many inversion tables can best meet their needs as well budget.

Today’s market is flooded with many models and makes of inversion tables since inversion therapy has become a popular form of exercise and relaxation. While this abundant supply has its major benefit of giving people a wide range of choices to pick from, this also has its downside and one major downside of it is the fact that buyers can no longer distinguish which among the many choices are the originals and the mere imitations. The abundant brands and models have made it incredibly tough for buyers to select the correct and best inversion tables for them.  

Good thing Inversion Therapy HQ has come to life. They are one of the highly reputable inversion table review sites which many people trust and depend on. It has been a standard for many buyers of inversion tables to primarily see what this review site has to say about a certain inversion table even before they go and seek for such type of tool. Inversion Therapy HQ pride themselves to providing honest reviews on today’s inversion tables so that fitness enthusiasts and first time buyers will get the right and best inversion tables for themselves. Whether a person is looking for a big or small inversion table, Inversion Therapy HQ finds such for customer delight and satisfaction.

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Now, to those who are planning to buy an inversion table for themselves this new year to come, Inversion Therapy HQ has recently updated their list of the best inversion tables. They have based their judgment to choosing these particular inversion tables on several factors which include the inversion table’s ease of construction, good frame with broad range of motion, ease of use, pad comfort and portability.

Body Champ, Ironman and Teeter are again the top brands when speaking of the equipment. Body Champ’s IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table in particular is a sturdy and well-built relaxation table and yet easy to use and assemble. It is comfortable to the skin and body. On top of that, it also comes in a very attractive price for those who have a limited budget but really want to try an inversion table out.

Meanwhile, Ironman has again earned the first spot for Inversion Therapy HQ. Ironman’s Gravity 4000 in particular, is the number one recommended table for everyone according to the site.  While it is quite expensive, it is the best inversion table anyone could get on the market today as it is uncomplicated and rugged, easily helping a person get the relaxation he wants to achieve from the material.

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