Orange County 3D Printing Company Adaptive Design Takes Printing to a Whole New Level

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Costa Mesa 3D printer and Design Firm Adaptive Designs now Guarantees to have the lowest prices and 100% satisfaction. They are the first company to provide this service with 3D design and printing.

Costa Mesa, CA – January 2016 – Take your presentation and product design to a whole new level, by getting ahead of the game with Adaptive Designs. Adaptive Designs is a provider of 3D printing, 3D scanning, production 3D printing, rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing services in Costa Mesa, CA. The parts produced by Adaptive Designs are high resolution and tough enough to be used as working parts. This allows customers to test fit the prototypes and the production parts in a cost effective way.

Adaptive Designs features the latest technology in 3D scanning to render an object as a 3D model. This technique requires modern precision and skill that other companies may not have. As a result, a less than satisfactory product is made and a customer dissatisfied with the product. At Adaptive Designs the customers interests are top priority and has developed this precision technique in to one that matches the skill set with customer interest.

Siemens NX, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, and Design X are used by Adaptive Designs as tools to help their customers get projects completed quickly and efficiently. Any project can be adapted to a customer’s needs. Adaptive Design uses a wide range of processes and tools for rapid prototyping. Direct Digital Manufacturing, 3D printing, 3D scanning, and traditional processes like machine services are used to meet a customer’s project requirement.

Adaptive Designs uses the leading industries Stienbichler & 3D Systems blue light scanners. These scanners deliver above standard results for reverse engineering, product validation, product verification and quality assurance. Customers have the option of coming to the design and prototyping center for maximum efficiency, or Adaptive Designs can come to the customer’s site. This type of scanning is used for design, archaeology, medical purposes, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, manufacturing, quality control, inspection, mold and tool making. Adaptive Designs offers it all.

Only the advanced 3D printing machines from 3D systems are used at Adaptive Designs. The 3D printing services include: selective laser sintering (SLS), stereo lithography (SLA) and multijet (MJP). Each part printed must meet process specifications or the customer’s requirements. Adaptive Designs also supports processes other than those listed. DMLS services or consulting on a 3D print project is needed Adaptive Designs has the resources for you. Adaptive Designs encourages customers to contact them for details about their process controls.

MultiJet Printing is a printing process that Adaptive Designs uses to build parts with a fine feature detail. This type of inkjet 3D printing process uses Piezo Printhead technology. Piezo technology is based on a phenomenon of piezoelectricity where materials such as ceramics, biological matter, crystals react physicaly by vibrating, expanding, or bending when an electrical charge is applied. The piezo printhead deposits plastic resin or casting wax layer by layer to build parts, patterns, and molds. The resin or wax can be printed in to electronic housings, automotive prototypes, hydroform tooling, jewelry, aerospace prototypes, consumer goods, injection mold tooling, medical and dental applications.

Adaptive Designs can aid customers in bringing all their presentations and product designs in to development through its wide array of services.

About Adaptive Designs

Adaptive Designs, LLC is an Orange County 3D printing provider of the first rate. We take on the kinds of projects that 3D printing factories in Orange County can’t or won’t. Our specialty is custom work for designers, inventors and the medical field. Our clients are all visionaries and we pride ourselves on having the tools, skills and expertise to make that vision take shape.

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