New York Throw Everything Away! Ok Actually Recycle and Get Paid

“Alpco Recycling”
New York’s commercial, industrial and residential recycling center gets rid of things you don’t want.

Macedon, New York – January 2016 – Alpco Recycling Inc. was founded in 1960 in Macedon, New York and has become the leader in commercial, industrial and residential recycling in the upstate area of New York. The company recycles – which involves collecting, processing and transportation – thousands of tons of material each year. This has become a successful business and it gives relief to over-filled landfills around the state. Renewal is what they do as the company seeks creative and innovative recycling methods to save everyone money.

Alpco is really two businesses in one, and has a separate entrance for each. One side is residential and the other side is commercial. Both of those can lead to a third area, where you can be paid for certain types of materials. The residential area allows the community a place to take are of recycling needs every day of the week. While dropping off your recyclables, you may purchase mulch, landscaping rocks and pavers, which are made from recycled materials onsite. You may also get your propane tank refilled, but they do not recycle tanks. The recycling center takes newspaper, office paper, cardboard, tin and aluminum cans, plastics. All of these items may be dropped off without charge. There is also an area for batteries, electronics, Televisions and other items, and there may be a charge.

The third stop in the recycling center is for the state bottle and can redemption center, where you collect a nickel for each one. Groups may also do this as a fundraiser. Large group events are counted later and you will be notified how much money you will receive.

There is also a trash shed where you an get rid of garbage and everything else, such as used motor oil. Here there is a charge depending on weight. Beside the trash shed is an area where you may purchase discarded items that may have some life left in them, and this is only available as material is available.

The commercial side is on the other side of the operation. Anyone can use the commercial side. The separation is because of the types of materials, but it can be used whether you have a business or not. The commercial side accepts much larger quantities of materials and is geared towards paying for them.

The site pays for ferrous and non ferrous metals, so basically any kind of metal materials. Tires on rims, as well as car batteries and many kinds of plastics. Also payment is made for 500 pounds or more of corrugated cardboard, office waste, books or magazines.

Items like couches and furniture, household trash, yard trash, wood trash, vinyl siding, construction materials, tires and wood pallets may also be dropped off but the company does not pay for those type items.

Alpco Recycling is in business to help you get rid of things you don’t want. They also offer clean up services, and can rent van trailers, roll off boxes, balers and compactors to help you with all your recycling needs.

About Alpco Recycling Inc.

Alpco Recycling Inc. is the recognized leader in creative and innovative recycling throughout Western New York with its focus on complete customer satisfaction. ALPCO, a family-owned company, serves the local and regional recycling community through innovative services geared towards convenience and efficiency.

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