AFS, TEN Institute Launch New Client Retention Program for Fitness Studios

“New Client Retention Hydration Program for Fitness Studios”

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – January 14, 2016 – This New Year AFS has partnered with the TEN Institute to create an incredible new member and client retention program called the “Hydration Club” – an educational and product-driven program that helps keep members and clients engaged and retained. 

The Hydration Club helps fitness enthusiasts achieve better results by combating many issues they face when trying to get back into a regular workout routine – the very issues that often cause them to quit after a short time.

When a client or member signs up they will receive their first month FREE, which includes a bottle of “HydroCell” an all-natural, water additive, hydration formula that contains no sugars.  PLUS they’ll receive a gift box every month that includes a $10 gift card, TEN Institute’s No Excuses newsletter, and other bonuses like the Seven Secrets Supplement Companies Don’t Want You to Know.

HydroCell was developed to enhance cellular hydration and improve nutrient delivery via a unique combination of highly bioavailable nutrients including organic, colloidal and trace minerals.

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Health & fitness professionals can try it for free, they simply text “AFS2” to 95577.

Dehydration directly affects endurance, training capacity, mental function, inflammation, detoxification, flexibility, blood pressure, and heart rate.  Water, in combination with minerals and electrolytes, plays a vital role in basic metabolic functions.  That’s why TEN Institute created HydroCell.

“As everybody knows, January is one of the busiest months of the season for the health and fitness industry,” said TEN CEO Jim Powers.  “Too often, clubs and studios see their member retention rates decline after the first six weeks.  The Hydration Club will help keep them on track.” 

The program has been successfully tested at Powerhouse Gym in Tampa, FL, where club management was quick to identify the program’s value of helping new members achieve their goals and get the most out of their workouts both in and out of the gym.  The program rolls out in full this month.

They started implementing this program in December and are very excited to offer it to new members in January.  “HydroCell assists the body’s hydration and helps diminish the physical and emotional negatives that new clients often experience,” said Polina Petrusevich, Certified Nutraceutical Consultant at Powerhouse.  “Remember, a hydrated member is a better member.”

“The Hydration Club has a variety of benefits for studios,” said AFS founder and CEO Josh Leve.  “Most importantly, it helps new clients get over the hump and embrace the fitness experience into their normal lifestyle.”

For more information on the Hydration Club program, contact TEN Institute at or 1-855-432-4999. 

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