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Learn The Difference Between Annual Inspection and The 5-Year Inspection What you need to know to keep you Safe in your home and or building.

San Francisco, CA – January 2016 – Emergency fires are rare but when they occur they can be devastating. That is why it is crucial to always be prepared with the most up to date fire safety equipment to keep yourself and your family safe. For that reason it is important to test your fire sprinkler every five years with a professional inspection. However, there are some key differences to know between the annual inspection and the five year inspection.

Annual Inspection

The annual inspection can be performed by a do it yourself homeowner but it is best performed by a professional from an outside organization, a fireman, a real estate expert or a fire safety expert among other experts. The annual inspection is an in-person physical inspection of the fire sprinkler. It examines all of the different parts of the fire sprinkler to make sure they are working order.

In addition, various tests are performed to make sure the sprinkler is working properly. The first test is the water flow test which determines whether there is flow to the sprinkler and how strong it is. The next test is the control valve test which determines if the sprinkler is adequately controlled and will respond in case of emergency. The next test is the main drain test which determines whether there may be any blockages in water pipes down the line. There is also a check valve test. This test makes sure that water does not flow backwards to contaminate the rest of the water supply. Finally, you can conduct a virtual check of all sprinklers and pipes. All of the tests should be done for each sprinkler.

Five Year Inspection

The five year inspection is much more involved than the annual inspection. This inspection must be performed by an expert as it requires special tools and training. Do not attempt this inspection unless you have adequate qualifications.

For this inspection, physical checks are performed on the entire sprinkler system. Of course all of the tests including the main drain test, the water flow test, the check valve test and the control valve test are performed. The main difference in the Five Year inspection is that there is a full flush of your Fire Department Connection (FDC). This determines whether the fire department is called in case of an emergency. If the fire department is not called, the connection must be re-established or else your home, office or industrial building could be in serious danger. That is especially the case if nobody is in the building when the fire alarm and sprinkler go off. For that reason, the five year inspection is really crucial, even if the other four years tests are not conducted.


Annual fire safety inspections are critical to making sure that your sprinkler system is in full working order. Aura Fire Safety is the leader in provide fire safety products and services. That includes inspection and maintenance for all types of products in all types of buildings. For more information, please contact us.

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Aura Fire Safety Inc. is the leader in the Fire and Life Safety field in San Francisco, California, offering the highest level of fire protection, with over 20 years of excellence, prompt attentive care, integrity, and best-in-class professional solutions is their promise to every client. As an independently owned and family managed company, with them you will never “get lost in the system”.

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