Tech Panorma Publishes New Guide On FaceTime For Android, And The Alternatives Available

Tech Panorma understands that video calling is in greater demand than ever, and has published resources to help people secure FaceTime and alternatives for Android, iOS and more.

Apps are becoming more popular than software in many cases, as individuals spend more and more time on their mobile devices. The result is some of the most useful and versatile services are being performed by apps, meaning the appetite from users is at an all-time high. Tech Panorma is a website that charts the latest and best app releases and updates, and has just published a new guide to getting FaceTime, one of iOS’ top selling apps, on Android and other devices, together with other emerging alternatives.

FaceTime is an app that allows people to video call each other via an internet or 4G data connection. The article explains the uses of FaceTime, it’s history on iOS devices, before describing the functions it has and how alternatives to FaceTime for Android, Windows and other platforms hold up. 

The article explores Google Hangouts, Skype for mobile, Viber and Tango, exploring each app’s development process, unique features, advantages and disadvantages before concluding with an overall recommendation based on their own experiences, to help people get the best functionality for the best price. The article is one of many published every week on the growing platform, which aims to become the single best authority for tech and app information and updates.

A spokesperson for Tech Panorma explained, “Tech Panorma is a growing presence online, and it’s because we cover common issues like these that everyone thinks to themselves but nobody talks about. By talking about them, we help overcome these common everyday challenges and open up new avenues to consumers, who can find new ways in which to use apps across their devices. FaceTime has been a much admired app by non-iOS users, and now there are legitimate alternatives coming to light for other operating systems, exciting users for what else is to come in 2016.”

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