#switchtoTrendi USB double plug sockets

Still struggling trying to find your plug adapter to charge your electronic devises?
#switchtoTrendi and you’ll never need another adapter!

With our homes becoming increasingly filled with electrical devices which require seemingly constant charging, the standard plug socket no longer has the capacity to meet the demands of many households, but fear not! #switchtoTrendi and enjoy our long awaited USB sockets!

With the Trendi USB sockets you can plug up to 6 appliances and devices in at a time, yes 6! Here at Trendi we have seen the benefits of the 2 way USB socket but we want to give our customers more, which is why we have designed a 4 way USB socket so you no longer have to sacrifice and prioritise, you really can have it all!

The Trendi USB socket means no more extra cut outs need to be made, and you can wave goodbye to those impractical and chaotic extension cables and adaptors.

The Trendi USB sockets are minimal in both practicality and style, with the iconic thin metal switches which make Trendi switches so unique. The Trendi USB sockets are modern and stylish in design and come in the four Trendi colours; gold, silver, black and white.

The sockets feature an attractive wall plate, 1 or 2 three pin power sockets and 2 or 4 USB sockets. The Trendi sockets are Screwless, and with a retro fit, installation is quick and easy. Trendi USBs are geared to the amp variances between devices and as a result can charge any device or multiple different devices at any one time.

Available to pre-order now – fit an ordinary double plug socket today and receive the USB to swap on delivery.

Please call us on 0203 5899 520 to discuss or contact Jon @ The Internet Electrical Store (authorised re-seller) who would be happy to organise your order with you.



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