SplashLink.com and AccelerateH20 Announce Exciting New Opportunities for Texas Water Innovators and Entrepreneurs

Jan 15, 2016 – SplashLink.com, an online “one-stop” for the water industry and AccelerateH20, Texas’ global water cluster, announced a partnership today that will launch an unprecedented view of Texas-specific contracting, bidding and funding opportunities, as well as projects from throughout North America.

“Innovators, technology firms, and regional water initiatives need both new funding sources AND contract, procurement opportunities to be able to get off the ground and generate revenues,” said AccelerateH20 Executive Director Richard Seline, “SplashLink.com provides access to millions of dollars in funding and thousands of projects – first within the Texas market and then around the world. We are excited to add this constantly updated, real-time source of information for the $9 billion water and water technology sector through our Water Innovation Clearinghouse!”

SplashLink.com is designed exclusively for the water industry to give solution buyers and sellers easy access to valuable opportunities through search tools, e-mail alerts or at the touch of a button.  SplashLink.com provides access to bids and projects in addition to funding options that are suitable for new technology companies as well as municipalities looking for ways to pay for projects beyond tax increases and rate hikes.  “AccelerateH20 is a global water technology hub that drives innovation,” noted SplashLink.com CEO Ebie Holst. “We are proud to team with them to simplify their member’s lives and improve response to water industry challenges.”

AccelerateH20 powers water industry innovation in Texas by providing multilayered support. Whether solving unique problems through Grand Challenges ‘WaterQuest’ competitions, helping to commercialize important advances through InvestH20, or providing support to established companies through the forums and consortia to mitigate barriers to innovation, AccelerateH20 is working to ensure that Texas companies are at the forefront of responding to water challenges. “The Texas ecosystem is impressive,” said SplashLink.com Vice President Jason Wuliger. “They understand that with increasing stress on water, from drought and flooding to industry and infrastructure demand, getting solutions to market fast has never been more important.”

“More than a million Texans are impacted by our work at AccelerateH20,” added Seline, “Our relationship with SplashLink.com helps ensure that our companies continue to grow, our communities continue to prosper, and we continue to bring cutting edge solutions to the world.”

About AccelerateH20 (http://www.accelerateH20.org)

There will always be challenges in Texas as well as barriers and limitations to innovating water. AccelerateH2O was formed to identify the most efficient and effective pathway for technology development and deployment across Texas’ residential, industrial, agricultural, and utility end-users. With more than 18 university research centers, 4,600 water agencies, 5,000+ medium and large corporate campuses, and thousands of farms and ranches, Texas represents an undiscovered $9 billion water technology marketplace. We connect the market of ideas, resources, and assets by tackling barriers and limitations to innovating water in Texas.

About SplashLink.com

SplashLink.com (www.splashlink.com) is the first online marketplace to support an entire range of project, financing, and sourcing needs for the highly fragmented and increasingly stressed global water industry.  Whether dealing with industrial process water, municipal infrastructure or drought adaptation, SplashLink.com enables water-solution buyers and sellers quick and easy “one-stop shop” access to funding, collaboration, and bidding opportunities. SplashLink.com accelerates response to local and global water challenges by connecting industry players and opportunities with this innovative platform like never before. 

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