Paywings CEO Shouts Loud against Software Piracy

Tell us something about Paywings Payroll Solution

STPL Global has been a pioneer of Payroll Solutions in Africa. We developed and built our payroll and HRMS solution way back in 2007, and since then acquired more than 100 Enterprise customers across Africa with concentration in Nigeria. In 2014, we launched our SMB version of Paywings 4.0 so as to provide our expertise and experience to the SMB customers globally. Since then more than 21000 Companies globally have benefitted from affordable Enterprise Grade Payroll Software.

How did Paywings reach the Top 5 Global Payroll Software in such a short period?

The explosion in customer acquisition came after we introduced our downloadable payroll software. We also provided 30 days free trial of the full-blown version. Since Paywings has been mastered over a period of 8 years, it is not exactly overnight success. But still, I would attribute Paywings huge global success due to its easy availability. Customers are able to download the software freely, use it for 30 days and then decide to buy. How many other Payroll solutions are so confident on their product that they can let the customers use it before purchase? Most of our competition does not offer a full blown free trial because they are not confident on the easy of use of their payroll solution.

What are the pitfalls of providing a free download of Paywings?

The biggest challenge that we face today is the enormous popularity of Paywings Globally. This has resulted in availability of license cracks, which has eroded into our income. Software piracy is a clear deterrent towards doing ethical business. While we are trying to create a transparency by providing a free download of the software, software pirates are only contributing to demotivate us. We have had significant investments into developing Paywings, and due to this piracy we sometimes feel that the earlier Enterprise model was better.

How do you plan to fight this Piracy?

Many governments around the world have created anti-piracy policies, however, it still remains a question on how far they have been able to implement it. While we are hopeful that the governments around the world will support us in curbing this menace, we are also planning to release the cloud based SaaS version of Paywings. Although I would not attribute our investment into building the web application of Paywings only to curb piracy, as 30% of our customers have also asked us for a web version.

How do you consider Paywings web will compete with likes of Workday?

Definitely the payroll in web is a crowded space and we will be facing new and strong competitors, but we are very confident that the Paywings Web will blow the end users from their feet and win against all competition with sheer customer delight. Our primary focus is to create Paywings web as simple as possible for the end user to use and enjoy. Our extensive experience with cloud based web applications like SchoolTime and Columbus will help us go ahead of all competition and become the best Payroll and HRMS solution for Small and Medium Businesses.

About Palash Bagchi

Palash Bagchi is the CEO of STPL Global that has given some fantastic software to this world. Palash is a strong supporter of user friendly, DIY and cloud based software and believes that the unfriendly and unusable enterprise grade solutions will die a sudden death.

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