ZVE Case is the newest sensation for iPhone 6 and 6s users across the globe

The new waterproof case for iPhone 6s is already out for sale and gaining attention for the right reasons. Slim and sleek, this has all the features that users needed right from the time phone cases and covers made their foray in the market.

Apple iPhone 6s has a new protective case in black that’s perfect to be carried for all activities, including swimming, surfing or simply relaxing. Sold by ZVE, the case is shockproof, snow proof and waterproof, fit to be used for both the 6, 6s, 6 plus and 6s plus versions.

Capable of resisting drops from 6.6’/2m or even when it exceeds MIL STD 810F-516, the case is sturdy and completely shock proof. In much the same way, users can carry their phones in this case regardless of the rain or snow or even dust particles, without having to worry about the adverse effects of such climatic extremes. Even under such situations,iPhone 6 & 6s & 6 plus & 6s plus can expect to operate the squeaky clean touch screen and have access to touch ID, button, control and port.

“You can find a virtually invisible scratch protector attached to the case. This doesn’t create any problem; rather it helps users access all the buttons and controls in perfect clarity. Another amazing thing is the slim and sleek design of the case that follows the precision lines of the phone. So users can stop worrying about their phone’s shape or charging and syncing issues,” said a company official.

ZVE prides in researching one of the best cases available in the market at present. Rarely do users come across such accessories that rank the best in terms of protection, high functionality and great looks. Besides these, the clear anti reflective optical glass lens and waterproof speaker vents and microphone offering improved audio quality deserve mention.

At the time of its formal launch, a spokesperson for ZVE who was available for comment said, “The design is in every way sophisticated and tested to ensure it endures regular use and risks. Despite looking slim, the case is sturdy. Once you start using, it will all make sense to the marvel it is.”

About the Company

ZVE as a reputed seller of iPhone 6 and 6s cases (iphone 6 plus and 6s plus 5.5) has practically revolutionized the way phones can stay protected from the harshest situations.

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